‘When my basketball career is over, who knows, I might be an esports player’: Klay Thompson reveals his lifelong passion for Call of Duty

Warriors guard Klay Thompson plans to become an esports player after his professional basketball career, admitting his obsession with Call of Duty.

Currently, after a two-year sabbatical due to back-to-back catastrophic injuries, Klay Thompson has nothing on his mind but winning a championship. Although the former 3-point contest winner hasn’t looked the same since his return, he will eventually get there.

Without a doubt, one of the top 5 shooters of all time, Thompson is one of the NBA’s most endearing superstars. The Warriors superstar never gets around to keeping his fans engaged with his hilarious social media antics, whether it’s his boat rides or his pet dog Rocco.

While in rehab, Thompson had plenty of time to himself. At the time, the triple champion rediscovered his passion for gaming, especially with the Call of Duty video game series. During this period of reflection, Thompson realized that he may have found a career option after retiring from the NBA.

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Thompson’s obsession with Call of Duty dates back to his college days. The former Washington State player would count hours playing COD.

Klay Thompson hints at pursuing a career in the game after retirement.

Currently in his 9th season, Thompson has already planned his retirement. The 32-year-old is convinced he could make the transition to esports after his NBA career. Thompson is an avid Call of Duty video game fan and has spent nearly ten thousand hours playing it since college.

“I really enjoy the game. I played a lot, especially in middle school and high school. It was a way to bond with your friends. It was cool because it taught you how to work in a team and lead “My parents would obviously try to limit our screen time. When my basketball career is over, who knows, I might be an esports player.”

“Some say it takes ten thousand hours to become a pro in any respective field and I think I have spent ten thousand hours on this so far in my life. I am not a pro, but I can call myself a semi-pro, I feel confident to say.

Via: Basketball Network

Without taking anything away from his COD skills, we’re glad Thompson pursued a career in basketball, as it would have otherwise deprived us of experiencing his elite skills on the hardwood. Given his ultra-competitiveness, there’s no doubt that Thompson wouldn’t find success as a professional player.

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