VIDEO: Governor David Ige announces end of inter-county travel restrictions on June 15 and lift of travel rules if Hawaii meets 70% vaccination target

Governor David Ige today announced that the state will end restrictions on inter-county travel between the Hawaiian Islands starting Tuesday, June 15, and extend the quarantine exemption on the same day for travelers returning to Hawaii. who confirm to be fully vaccinated in Hawaii.

“Those returning who have been vaccinated in the state with one or both vaccines will be able to travel (to the mainland) without having to pass a pre-travel test and can arrive here in the islands and not be subject to quarantine. “, Ige mentioned.

Ige also said that once Hawaii hits the 60% statewide target, visitors from the continental United States could skip the mandatory 10-day quarantine period or COVID-19 testing. ‘they can provide proof of their vaccination status.

“We would work to verify this electronically,” Ige said, adding that mainland visitors’ cards can also be verified manually.

When Hawaii hits the statewide target of 70% immunized, all travel restrictions will be lifted, Ige said. Currently, 52% have been vaccinated statewide, according to state health data.

“If we were to reach 70% of our community fully immunized, we would drop pretty much all of our public health restrictions,” said Ige, who later added that included all mask warrants.

Ige said he designated June as Hawaii Vaccination Month to motivate more people in Hawaii to get vaccinated.

“Getting a vaccine will be easier and more convenient than ever,” Ige said. “There will be walk-in hours and extended pop-up clinics in your neighborhood. “

The Hawaii Department of Health has also launched a new campaign to answer questions about vaccine safety, Ige said.

Today’s guest speakers at the press conference included Libby Char, director of the Hawaii Department of Health, Sheryl Matsuoka, executive director of the Hawaii Restaurant Association, and Peter Ingram, president and chief of the management of Hawaiian Airlines.

Ingram and Matsuoka have announced offers and discounts for those who have been vaccinated. Shortly after the state announced, the website crashed.

Some states on the mainland have offered incentives to get more people to get vaccinated. Kentucky offered $ 1 million in prizes and full scholarships, while California today attracted the winners of the state’s COVID-19 vaccine lottery.

Watch the live video above.

Editor’s Note: This story is under development and will be updated as more information becomes available.

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