Trump’s election defeat inspired the memes. Therefore. A lot. Memes.

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If, like us, you’ve been awake since Tuesday night – hooked on American news channels, a red and blue card etched in your retinas, googling weird American words like “Tabulator” and “Newt Gingrich” as you slowly lose your mind. grip on reality – then you are no doubt rejoicing at the news that our overseas friends have landed on a result. CNN called him. Democratic candidate and former Vice President Joe Biden has crossed the 270 mark needed to beat Trump in the race. He did (right?). It’s over (except weeks of hostile litigation). All is well (we think?). It’s probably time you finally fell asleep.

But that doesn’t mean you’re gonna do it, does it? Oh no. How could you when there are so many eviscerating Trump memes flying on social media. While most UK red tops will likely go for a simple “You’re Fired,” Twitter and Instagram have gotten a lot more creative with their celebratory posts. These are the best we’ve seen so far.

Obviously, we’ve been thinking a lot about the whole Four Seasons Total Landscaping talk over the past few days. It’s just too perfect.

Many people have wanted to find a way to witness the madness for themselves. For one thing, the next month of Zoom meetings is sorted when it comes to the slight sneers.

Others have gone even further. On VRChat, an MMO game that mixes sandbox world-building with general gossip and gossip, a group of furries have come together in a painstakingly reconstructed digital version of this famous backyard.

Others tried to imagine what the real process of getting this reservation looked like for the poor person who had to make it all happen with about an hour’s notice.

Then again, maybe this is so funny because it touches on a fundamental truth in a lot of our lives.

And there was a chance for one of the best memes of the past four years to return. Better put those hearing protectors back on, kid.

Note: Poochy died on the way back to his home planet. Hopefully that’s not an omen for the next six months to come.

And, as we discovered in our another piece of memes from the days before Trump was completely defeated – memory! – there was a booming market for memes bouncing off Kevin Keegan’s famous meltdown against Sir Alex Ferguson in the 1996 title race. This week gave him a fitting coda.

Davina got stuck in the first doors.

Just like Philadelphia.

Twitter, of course, was full of compassion for Trump voters.

The wrestling memes got thick and fast.

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Same as cricket and football

And there is plenty of useful advice.

There are a lot of big questions surrounding the election.

Lots of easy-to-win favorites too.

And a lot of people are looking at Trump’s refusal to give in.

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