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Tracy McGrady’s 1 on 1 basketball league

The success of Ice Cube’s BIG3 showed that there was a hole in the market for alternate configuration basketball leagues. And now Tracy McGrady is trying to find one of her own.

“Ones Basketball Association”

Hall of Famers joined Jamal Crawford and Quentin Richardson on “NBA Hooper Vision,” broadcast on NBA League Pass. Watching the Bucks’ blowout against the Magic — the end result was 136-118 — T-Mac announced he was kicking off a one-on-one professional basketball league.

“I create something, a one-on-one league that I create”,McGrady said. “Across the country. Not a tournament, a league. 18+. It’s called OBA. Ones Basketball Association. Come to you.”

McGrady has yet to reveal more details about this project. He also didn’t specify when he planned to launch it. But judging by the reaction of Jamal Crawford, who himself is one of the greatest 1-on-1 players the NBA has ever seen, the potential entertainment value of such a league is enormous.

“I’m calling you, man,” JC told McGrady, aspiring to join the project as both a player and a business partner. “I need to come in.”

Following the example of BIG3

When Ice Cube launched BIG3, it wanted to allow guys who had “Have honed basketball skills to the highest level to continue playing at a high level.” T-Mac aims to do the same thing, just through a different format, arguably even more exciting to watch.

After 2020 was canceled due to coronavirus as it enters its fourth season, The BIG3 rose to the challenge of regaining momentum and keeping the league alive – they even lost one of its biggest sponsors to Adidas due to financial losses caused by COVID.

But the core idea of ​​the project — bringing some of the fan-favorite former NBA players back to pro-level action — still appeals to basketball audiences. Now it’s just about coming to terms with it and reminding people what they loved about the league in the first place.

McGrady’s project seems to go in the same direction. If executed correctly, assuming Crawford isn’t the only one-on-one artist interested in participating, Ones Basketball Association has the potential to be a huge hit. We can’t wait for it to launch – fans always welcome any form of competitive basketball involving NBA-related individuals.

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