Tracy McGrady reveals plans to launch unique new basketball league

Maybe Tracy McGrady gives Ice Cube’s BIG3 league a chance.

The former retired All-Star appeared on “NBA HooperVision,” an NBA League Pass broadcast on Thursday. While on the air, McGrady revealed that he plans to start a new basketball league called OBA (which stands for “Ones Basketball Association”).

The league will be an individual professional league for adults 18 years of age and over.

“I am creating something, a one-to-one league that I am creating” McGrady said. ” At national scale. Not a tournament, a league… 18 and over… It’s called OBA. Ones Basketball Association. Come to you. “

As one of the NBA’s top scorers, McGrady is a fitting founder for such a league. This is also a new concept, as we have seen Ice Cube succeed in reducing the game from 5v5 to a 3v3, but we have yet to see anyone introduce a 1v1 organized format in a vein. similar.

Since he last played in the NBA in 2013, McGrady has already been involved in a number of business ventures. With the connections he has from his professional career, it looks like McGrady has the foundation for a successful project.

April 1, 2017; Glendale, Arizona, United States; Former NBA player Tracy McGrady speaks during the Naismith Hall of Game press conference at the University of Phoenix Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

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