Tracy McGrady launches head-to-head basketball league with $250,000 top prize

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Basketball Hall of Famer Tracy McGrady retired from the NBA, but he didn’t walk away from the game. McGrady recently served as an NBA analyst, and now he’s launching his own unique league. The league is an individual national league called Ones Basketball Association, or OBA for short.

Scheduled to launch this spring, OBA will first hold a qualifying tournament in seven different cities. The top three players from each of these cities (21 players in total) will advance to the OBA Finals, which will take place in Las Vegas in July. The grand prize for the winner is $250,000. After the finals, the best players from across the country will be ranked for future competitions.

Here are some additional league details from the official release:

  • The league is by invitation only, but interested athletes can submit their highlight streaks to the OBA’s website for consideration.
  • The winner from each city will take home a cash prize of $10,000 as well as an invitation to the final in Las Vegas which will see 21 players compete for a chance to win the grand prize of $250,000 and be crowned “Sovereign of the Court”.
  • Once the OBA Finals are over, the league’s top 50 players will be ranked accordingly.
  • The league will then kick off its OBA Ones Weekend matches. These will be one-on-one monthly battles, similar to a fight night where multiple sub-maps will be played ending with the main map to close out the night, giving players the opportunity to move up the rankings.

When discussing his hopes for the league, McGrady explained that he wanted to bring one-on-one basketball to the mainstream, while also providing players with the opportunity to continue their careers on the court.

“The influence of one-on-one basketball is often overlooked, but it truly is the foundation and captures the true essence of the sport. NBA is the pinnacle of five-on-five, FIBA ​​and BIG3 did a great job putting together three-of-three,” McGrady said. “What the UFC has done for fighters is what the OBA will do for one-on-one basketball. We want to give players the opportunity to change their lives, show their talents and eventually move on. at the top level.”

The idea of ​​a one-on-one basketball league is novel and could prove particularly entertaining. Keep an eye out for more OBA updates as we approach the start of the league’s inaugural season.

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