‘Tracy McGrady has $570,000 in cash rewards for Ones Basketball League’: Former Magic and Rockets superstar invests $10 million in his 1-on-1 basketball league idea

Tracy McGrady spends millions on his 1v1 basketball idea, Ones Basketball League 1st season is already underway with his Finals scheduled for July.

One of the greatest offensive juggernauts of all time, who could set anyone and everyone on fire on a one-on-one basketball court, now has its own league that celebrates excellent basketball players 1v1.

Tracy McGrady, who has Kobe Bryant and just about every other legend’s endorsement of being basketball’s leading scorer, knows that being better than everyone else on the court doesn’t always translate to the hit.

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Although he earned more than $160 million during his 16-year NBA career from salary and accolades alone, he was far more than an underachievers relative to the size of a household name he was in the NBA.

So he decided to trust the idea of ​​allowing athletes who have talent to compete against anyone on the basketball court. The former Rockets star also gives big money to the winner.

What is Tracy McGrady – backed by ‘Ones Basketball League’ and how much money can one win if they win it all? Let’s find out.

In OBL, which kicked off earlier in February, six cities across the United States are hosting a 2-day, 32-player regional knockout tournament with athletes ages 18 and older. They should also not be currently under contract with the NBA and not have been on an active NBA roster for more than 164 games (the equivalent of two NBA regular seasons).

Entrants come through a combination of open source video submissions and basketball insider tips. The goal is to accommodate both top talent and players who may still be under the radar of most basketball fans.

McGrady will invest just under $10 million, in total, including $10,000 for regional champions and $250,000 for the eventual OBL champion.

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Also, McGrady has already found a prominent media group to back him up. It has a digital distribution deal with the Paramount-owned Showtime network that allows the network to air OBL content on its YouTube channel.

SHOWTIME Sports will also produce abridged digital content for distribution on its social media channels from the remainder of the OBL’s inaugural season until the league’s Las Vegas Championship in July. It will also distribute a behind-the-scenes documentary, available to everyone, likely after the season.

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