“There is a lot at stake,” describe nurses traveling to work during pandemic

There are about 23,000 more jobs than there are nurses to fill in Texas.

TEXAS, USA – As hospitals fill to capacity, the workload increases for travel nurses who cross cities and even states to fill critical needs during the pandemic.

Tyler’s resident Jerrilyn Miner is a Travel Nurse at Rockwall County Jail.

She said, “We have policies and procedures in place to take care of our inmates. You know, with COVID, they get vaccines. They receive the infusions. Staff wear masks. So we are ready for COVID-19. “

Then it will move to Denver, Colorado.

Miner said travel nursing is both lucrative and taxed.

“Often as nurses we take care of everyone and we put ourselves on the back burner, but we have to be healthy to take care of those who are sick and need to be healthy,” he said. she declared.

Lisa Felder was at her home in Tyler last week. This week, she’s in Santa Clara County, California.

She said, “I started to put things together. I made a list of everything I would need for traveling. And as they say, if you stay ready, you don’t have to prepare. So I was ready.

Her travel nurse essentials include Tylenol, toiletries, a pull-out laundry basket, and a pencil case to store her detergent pods.

“You don’t crush your pods when traveling,” Felder explained.

She traded her 9-5 office job for travel nursing in January and was acclimating well when covid-19 cases skyrocketed.

She said: “The Delta variant came with a tail whip. Hospitals are inundated. They just don’t – we don’t have nothing. There are simply not enough nurses for everyone.

The Texas Tribune reports that there are 23,000 more jobs than there are nurses to fill in Texas. Available nurses are mentally stretched and literally stretched from state to state as they care for more patients during this COVID-19 outbreak.

Miner said this work is a calculated risk.

“You have to go there wanting to go home to your loved ones. So that’s a lot at stake, ”she said.

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