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When NBA players retire from their playing careers, they typically use the money they’ve earned to invest in various businesses, get into television and become analysts, or just take a break and relax for the rest of their life. Then there is Nikola Pekovic; a former NBA player who reportedly took a turn in a different world after his basketball career.

NBA’s strongest player?

Coming from Montenegro, with his huge size of 6’11” and 300 lbs, Nikola Pekovic was a sight to behold from day one. The big man would join the Minnesota Timberwolves in 2010, two years after being drafted. After a quiet rookie season, Nikola would adapt and start playing better year after year.

In the 2013–14 season, Pekovic would hit his peak, averaging 17.5 and 8.7 rpg, while being called by many opponents the strongest player in the NBA. Plus, the creepy look, tattoos, and massive build only added to her commanding presence.

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His great performance landed him a $60 million contract, but unfortunately for Nikola and Wolves, everything was going to go downhill for him after his best season. The injuries would pile up and Pekovic would only appear in 43 games over the next two seasons before finally retiring from basketball at age 30.

Career change

Early retirement would leave a void in Pekovic’s life, and he began hanging out with shady people in his home country. Even during his playing days, Nikola was rumored to be connected with questionable people – he was aptly nicknamed “The Godfather”.

But in retirement, Pekovic’s association with these people only became more apparent. Nikola is a close friend and business partner of the notorious Saric brothers, some of the most infamous Montenegrin drug lords. At the time, Belgrade police even seized a car full of guns and drugs registered in Pekovic’s name, while Nikola was not there.

Although there is no proof or clear proof that Nikola Pekovic is now a drug lord or gangster in his home country, there is no denying that he is in troubled waters, with close ties to dangerous people in the area. Talk about a crazy career and lifestyle turn.

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