The Granny Basketball League is coming to Ardmore

ARDMORE, Okla. (KXII) — The basketball season may be coming to an end, but a special league rolled through Ardmore on Saturday with players with decades of experience.

This league is no different from other basketball leagues.

The players train hard, they play hard and even travel across the country for matches.

But one of the main differences is that in this league, every shot is a grandma shot.

The Granny Basketball league started in 2005 with just a few teams in Iowa.

Since then it has exploded to over 40 teams in 9 states.

“It’s the rules of the 1920s, so you see our uniforms, we wear bloomers and if you look at 1920s women’s basketball, they have the same uniform,” Oklahoma All Stars captain Lori Rupert said. . “So the only difference you can see in the squad is their socks.” (Lorie)

They don’t just dress like the players of the 1920s, they play by the same rules.

“We have two playing center, two playing forwards and two playing guards,” Rupert said. “And there’s no running, there’s no jumping. ” (Lorie)

“A lot of people think it’s a slower game,” Oklahoma Rockers captain Kimberly Tomes said. “But since you can only dribble twice, you really have to move more and open up, so for me that makes it a faster game.”

Most of these women are former high school and college stars, and that competitive spirit hasn’t faded with age.

“The oldest person on my team is 84,” Tomes said. “o we do all the warm-ups that we all practice, I make everyone shoot so much, shoot so many times every practice, whether they’re just shooters or keepers.”

The league gave former athletes a chance to relive their playing days and introduced them to teammates and competitors they now call friends.

“We have a lot of angry friends,” Tomes said. “We’ve traveled around the Midwest quite a bit, so making all the friendships and meeting new people from different teams has been awesome.”

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