The art of traveling with your four-legged companion

LAS VEGAS (KLAS) – Summer means travel for many families, including pets. From planes to trains to cars, 8 News Now shows you how to get around safely with your four-legged friend.

“She has traveled all over the world,” owner Karel Bouley told us of her pet. “Literally has a European passport; she travels everywhere.

Dog owner Mary Tully said, “We always have rooms that accept dogs. I walk them around and take them to the beach or wherever we go.

Traveling with your pets can be fun, but it can also get complicated.

According to a survey by the American Pet Products Association, 67% of households own a pet. The US Travel Association reports that 37% of pet owners, like Bouley, take their pets with them when flying or traveling by car.

“She’s harnessed in the front seat because they’re like children; they can fly anywhere, ”Bouley said. “You don’t want that to happen.”

When making the trip, don’t forget about safety. Kendra George, Senior Associate at PetSmart Pet Hotels, shared some travel tips.

“Dehydration can be very dangerous. We also make a harness that can be attached to the car, ”she said. “We have dog car seats. If they’re bigger, you can get a cooling pad on the back.

If you are traveling, keep in mind that airlines have different policies and fees. Most only allow dogs and cats; you must also provide current vaccinations.

“For air travel, I would suggest giving the animals supplements or asking your vet to prescribe anti-stress supplements,” George told us.

But if the going gets tough, there are several options around the valley, like daycare or overnight boarding. Jason McCollum owns Adventure Pet Resort and says his business is equipped with cameras, on-site training, and grooming.

“We have calls all the time from people dropping them off for a few hours throughout the day,” he explained. “Since we have 24 hours, we work a lot with the medical industry. ”

Your pooch will be pampered while you are away, relaxing in a kennel or a suite.

“I wouldn’t travel without her. She’s the best little travel companion I can have, ”said Bouley. “Traveling is stressful. She helps relieve him, plus she brings so many smiles.

Trains and buses also have their own pet policies. Our best advice is to keep your pets in mind when planning your next getaway. Last minute arrangements can get expensive.

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