Teen Marietta receives Eagle Scout honor

The honor of “Eagle Scout” is the highest rank a scout can achieve. Gregory Frazier says it took him six years.

TROUP COUNTY, Georgia – A freshman at college celebrates a major achievement on Saturday.

Gregory Frazier became the first Eagle Scout of Troop 340, which is part of the Scout Reach program. The program helps all young people to have the opportunity to enter Scouting, regardless of their background or any other obstacles they may face.

Becoming an Eagle Scout is a prestigious award that can take several years. It’s the highest rank a Scout can achieve, and Fraizer was recognized for this milestone on Saturday. The CEO of the Atlanta Regional Council of the Boy Scouts of America said the award prepares Scouts for any situation.

“The Eagle Scout award is the highest award an Eagle Scout can win. And we have 5,600 scouts a year, so every Saturday, every Sunday a youngster wins a prize. Everyone is special and today is Gregory’s day. And we’re very proud of him, “said Tracy Techau.

Fraizer says the rank took him six years, over 20 badges and several projects to accomplish.

“To me that means honor and discipline. It means that if you can achieve that rank in life, you can go through anything else in life,” he said.

Frazier now attends Clark University in Atlanta. He studies mass media and is a member of the marching band. Troop 340 meets at the Anderson Boys and Girls Club.

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