Students and staff ponder Rec’s fall intramural basketball league – The Arbiter

The recreation center kicked off a 3-on-3 men’s intramural basketball league on Sunday, October 31.

According to the IMLeagues, there are 41 teams participating in this league, which is high attendance for students. Students were allowed to join teams until midnight on November 18.

Students were able to create their own teams of 3-6 players or sign up as free agents, where they can join a team that has a vacant spot.

Alexandra Sanchez, the coordinator of Rec Sports, said basketball is one of the most popular intramural sports among students. A Boise State IMLeagues page had to be created due to the popularity of college basketball.

3 on 3 basketball games are played on Sundays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays to allow all teams to play an equal number of games. There are four weeks of regular play and two weeks of playoffs.

Players have loved playing so far and have praised the Rec for having an organized league with good friendly competition.

Senior civil engineering student Russell Gray of the intramural team “Richmond Oilers” praised the league and its organization.

“They set it up in a very organized way with a lot of referees. They know the rules and they’re not very nice about it,” Gray said. “I know they give up their time to work for us, so I try not to bother them too much when I get mad about a call.”

Even though this 3 on 3 basketball league is recreational, players from each respective team treat their games seriously and try to win every time they play.

The league was also well advertised by the Rec with signs posted around campus and in the Rec Center.

Junior England Major Jackson Bolz of the “WYD” team stumbled upon the league when he saw an advertisement in the Rec.

“I saw a paper hanging in the Rec and I thought I had to get the boys together and create a team,” Bolz said.

Intramural sports are a popular way for Boise State students to get involved on campus. Unlike many other extracurricular options, intramurals are a way to be active and exercise, while meeting new people along the way.

Jacob James, a sophomore in construction management, “Undrafted Free Agents,” spoke about his experience so far and how he enjoys the competition playing against other teams.

“Playing has been a lot of fun,” James said. “Everyone has good sportsmanship. The refs don’t call too much, and there are also a lot of teams involved, which makes it more enjoyable,” James said.

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