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LATHAM, NY – Kaelah Carter remembers stopping by the Saint Rose campus as a young player for Brian Beaury’s basketball camps. Fast forward to next winter and she’ll call the Daniel P Nolan Gymnasium her playground.

“When I started the process, I was looking for schools outside of Albany. I always wanted reasonable distance, so my mom could come to games, but later on Saint Rose started climbing up my list,” Carter said of his commitment to playing basketball for the Golden Knights, “I’m so excited to be a part of the new culture at Saint Rose. I can’t wait to see what Coach (Whitney) Edwards has in store for me.” when I get there. The more I knew her, the more I wanted to go to Sainte Rose.

Captain of the Blue Bison this season, Carter was a four-year player at the Shaker. Jaimee Shipley, who took over as head coach of the Shaker program in 2018, made Carter’s call to college one of her first steps.

  • Shaker’s Kaelah Carter will play basketball at Saint Rose College. (Photo by Kyle Adams)

  • Shaker’s Kaelah Carter will play basketball at Saint Rose College. (Photo by Kyle Adams)

  • Shaker’s Kaelah Carter will play basketball at Saint Rose College. (Photo by Joe Boyle)

  • Shaker’s Kaelah Carter will play basketball at Saint Rose College. (Photo by Kyle Adams)

“It was a no-brainer,” Shipley said of her first impressions of Carter as a freshman. “When I saw her during the open gyms in the fall before tryouts that year, her talent, skill level and basketball IQ obviously stood out to me. – not to mention any freshman. His maturity and composure probably stood out even more. She was one of the hardest working kids there and she was completely professional. This has been history during his career.

“When I was in first year, there were a lot of older girls that I looked up to and I kind of had an idea that they would do something, so I should probably give them the ball. I believed in me, but not as much as I do now that I’m a senior and I’ve had to take on this leadership role. It’s definitely built confidence because I’ve had to get more and more involved,” Carter explained. “I’m really happy to have been called to the university in the first year. I gained a lot of experience playing with the older girls and was able to use a lot of experience this season.

This experience and growth has not gone unnoticed. Named to lead the women’s basketball program in 2020, Edwards immediately noticed guard Shaker as she began to focus on recruiting.

“When I arrived in Saint Rose in June 2020 and started identifying local players, I met Kaelah entering her high school season.”

Although they connected virtually, it wasn’t until a camp in Saint Rose, run by Edwards, that the two actually met.

“Going through the recruiting process, it was really like she wanted a place where she could go and have a coach who would help her open up and develop her game,” Edwards said. “I kind of see myself in her when it comes to knowing when to take a back seat and be an observer and also when it’s time to speak up and be part of the conversation. It was definitely a cool part of getting to know her.

This season, Shaker fell to Albany in the Section 2 Class AA semi-finals. However, it wasn’t until Carter was able to complete a job she had started as a freshman – figuring out how to defeat Saratoga Springs in the Sectional Tournament. They beat the Blue Streaks 62-39 in the quarter-finals last February.

“Every year we’re getting better and I think we expect more and more of us every year,” Carter said. “I was in heaven when we beat Saratoga. “They were our last game of the season the last two times except the COVID year. They’re a great team, we were so focused and it was amazing .

When she arrives on the Saint Rose campus next summer, she will be majoring in either forensic science or forensic psychology.

“Working behind the scenes is great to help people come to terms with what really happened,” Carter said of her interest in forensics.

As time draws to a close of her senior year, she will focus on one last season of lacrosse. Soon it will be time to park the car and head down Route 9 to Saint Rose.

“Kaelah is a really unique kid in terms of her approach and mindset. She seems very calm, but once people get to know her they really understand more about her personality and I’m glad I had this opportunity with her,” Edwards added. “She certainly has a very big role in the teams she plays for, high school and the AAU. But she definitely doesn’t get the credit. Her worst flaw is not realizing that her decisions are actually the best and It’s okay. We can work with that.”

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