Several James Francos could star in X-Men movie Multiple Man

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In the most inspired X Men kick off since producers realized Patrick Stewart is bald, Fox franchise supervisor Simon Kinberg is reportedly in talks with James Franco to star Multiple man, with the hero having the power to create duplicates of himself and then scatter them to get into all kinds of different things that, really, might turn out to be better if he focused on just one at a time. Deadline reports that the standalone film would be written by Wonder womanby Allan Heinberg and co-produced by Kinberg and Franco, who also collaborate on Robust men-an update of The sturdy boys starring Franco and Franco’s only surviving clone, Dave Franco. As for his current role in the devil, Multiple man would join James Franco with his favorite actor, James Franco, as well as an all-star supporting cast of James Francos.

Multiple man concerns Jamie Madrox, a character born with the ability to replicate himself that he controls, on occasion, using a costume created by Professor X, rather than minimal restraint. These duplicates then take on their own individual lives and activities that most people look like ok of course about. For example, maybe one Madrox is carving out a niche for himself as a likeable actor in some pleasantly loose comedies, while another is making experimental shorts with a dildo on his nose. Meanwhile, another Madrox is writing loose, loose verse on a pipe in Palo Alto, another Madrox is on the other side of the world, staging a piece of performance art where he pretends to blow up James Dean, and yet another is in a music studio, creating a pipe disco song. With all of their forces so impressively dispersed, they can all accomplish much faster… whatever these things “accomplish”, if that is your provincial attitude.

Fox is already ready to release three X Men films next year in The new mutants, Deadpool 2, and X-Men: Black Phoenix; meanwhile, a derivative film for Gambit and another for Logan Laura character are planned later, so it is not yet clear where Multiple man could fit into this crowded slate. But it’s clear the franchise is banking on the idea that there is no oversaturation, a guiding philosophy that has served James Franco well as well. They seem as made for each other as two James Franco.

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