Portland postpones decision to ban Texas travel and commerce to protest abortion law

Portland City Council met on Wednesday and failed to discuss a Texas trade and travel ban. Mayor Ted Wheeler’s call for an emergency resolution has been postponed.

The ban was meant to express opposition to new abortion restrictions that went into effect in Texas last week. Texas Senator John Cornyn on Wednesday dismissed the threat and negative headlines targeting Texas.

“I don’t care, our friends from Oregon, if they don’t want to come to Texas that’s fine, people from all the other states are definitely coming here,” said Sen. Cornyn (R ) Texas.

Ignoring the threat of a state with a population smaller than the DFW Metroplex is one thing. But the abortion law caught the attention of the federal government.

“It seems right, I know it sounds ridiculous, anti-American,” President Joe Biden said.

The signing of new electoral rules on Tuesday also fueled the political rhetoric that is burning in Texas. “So I don’t want to hear this nonsense and the lies we keep hearing that it’s hard to vote in Texas,” Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick said.

Political activists were equally sharp in their comments. “If Gov. Greg Abbott and Lt. Gov. Patrick had a Pinocchio rule in place, their noses would reach the Oklahoma border,” Domingo Garcia said with LULAC.

It is not uncommon to have tough debates in Texas.

The senator suggested it might be time to take a deep breath and take a break from social media.

“We expect people to have strong differences of opinion, the only thing I think we should also expect is that people treat each other with respect and civility and do not engage in some kind of ‘insult that goes with some of what we see today in our polarized politics,’ said Cornyn.

A call for civility comes at a difficult time. New voting lines are now drawn for an election campaign season that is fast approaching. To add to all that, Texas gets two new seats in Congress because of the census count.

“We’ll go through this like we always do,” said Cornyn.

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