Player saves referee’s life after collapsing on court during Basketball League game

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A scary moment at a basketball game turned heroic when Toledo Glass City basketball player Myles Copeland saved the life of a referee.

John Sculli collapsed on the field while officiating a playoff game between the Toledo Glass City and the Jamestown Jackals on June 11. He started to wobble, passed out and became unresponsive. Copeland, whose day job is a firefighter, didn’t hesitate to spring into action.

He began administering CPR until paramedics arrived, ultimately saving the man’s life.

ESPN reported that Sculli is scheduled to undergo heart surgery next week and is expected to be back on the pitch next season.

“It was kind of instinctive. I was surprised how quickly I was able to switch to that mode, especially in a basketball game,” Copeland told ESPN. “But as a firefighter, when you’re not at work, you really aren’t at work. You always have to keep an eye on the community and what’s going on around you.”

Copeland has used the spotlight of history to potentially help save more lives.

“More people need to learn CPR! Heart disease is the number one killer. And an event like this could happen anywhere, to anyone, at any time,” he wrote on his new Twitter account. “Up your game and get CPR certification. You could be someone’s hero too.”

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