Photographers to follow on Instagram: May 28, 2021

On Instagram, PetaPixel shares photos that inspire creativity and show off the incredible talents of our daily readers. Here’s a look at our recent favorite posts and more on the photographers who shared them.

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Below we recognize a selection of talented photographers who recently showcased their work on @PetaPixel. Continue to publish your images with #petapixel and you could end up here next week.

Filip Soukup, @fisouku on Instagram, is a Prague-based photographer and videographer who focuses his work on streetwear fashion photography. Soukop tells PetaPixelthat he prefers to use color contrast in his photography, and as you can see, the payoff is eye-catching images. According to Soukop, this photoshoot was commissioned by Bibloo and taken at a beach in Omiš, Croatia.

This photo titled “Raging Ocean” is from landscape and marine photographer Liliana Soares, also known as @ on Instagram. “This image beautifully represents everything I love about landscape photography,” says Soares PetaPixel. “A connection with the ocean, the origins, a warmth felt by the setting sun, a peaceful solitude created between us and our camera and the excitement of capturing the perfect movement of the water while trying to flee the raging waves of the ocean!”

Greg Basco, @gregbascophotography on Instagram, has been someone I’ve personally followed for a long time. For much of that time, Basco flew primarily under the trade name Deep Green Photography for those who may also be familiar with his work, including flash-lit nature photography, the YouTube channel, and e-books. Recently, Basco released his new eBook, “Flash for the Nature Photographer”.

Robin Procter, @redrobinpix on Instagram, tells PetaPixel that they’re a ‘retired but wired’ 74-year-old professional art director and now an avid wildlife and surf photographer. Procter’s method of capturing wild animals is to go outside, experience nature, and let the animals in as they please.

“I’m not looking for wildlife to photograph, but I go out into wild places and let things be what they will be by taking the time and being calm and never imposing myself on the subjects,” said Procter. Likewise, a smooth approach is used in post processing with just basic edits of a RAW file with no brushes or masks used.

Arthur Ward can be found on Instagram as @arthurimages and is a master of ‘sportrait’. Ward tells PetaPixel, “The content I create today is a unique blend of my knowledge of the sport, my technical expertise and my industry experience, as well as my love for athletes and their stories.”

Noel Bodle, or @noeljbodle on Instagram, took this epic black and white photo of a crashing wave at Newhaven Lighthouse in England. Bodle said he had worked in the photo industry since the darkroom days, but had rekindled his love for digital photography and shooting “dramatic black-and-white images of the world. British landscape ”.

This image of a California sea lion puppy titled “Dancing in the Sunlight” is from Celia Kujala, or @celiakujala on Instagram, and was photographed while scuba diving in the Coronado Islands. Kujala said the photo was part of her Seal Peace project on pinnipeds around the world and that through the photography she hopes to “spark appreciation for each individual species as well as their diverse environments.”

Full-time Tasmanian-based photographer Paul Hoelen can be found on Instagram as @paulhoelen. Hoelen tells PetaPixel that he “has more than a slight obsession with interpreting the world with his camera from an aerial perspective” and that this photo, in particular, was taken “from a chopper in the remote region of West Kimberley in Australia. tributary of the river, which Hoelen said was “covered with an 11-meter ocean tide” a few hours later.

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Image credits: All photographs used with permission of their respective photographers.

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