Oakland Athletics President Dave Kaval embarks on reconnaissance trip to Vegas the day after Oakland’s vote on new proposal

OAKLAND, Calif. (KGO) – A vote to propel the city of Oakland to a new waterside baseball stadium for athletics appears mired in controversy and dramatically different interpretations.

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While Mayor Libby Schaaf was celebrating, Team A chairman took a scouting trip to another city.

“This is where Oakland A fans deserve to see America’s favorite game play,” the mayor said at an early morning press conference near Howard Terminal. “What city council approved yesterday is not just one of the most iconic stadiums the world will ever see, but a whole great neighborhood serving the community.”

Meanwhile, A chairman Dave Kaval gave his own take on the Oakland field, from a Las Vegas hotel.

“I’m here in Las Vegas for two days. We have our parallel path going here,” said Kaval, sitting on Zoom with a casino in the background.

VIDEO: President of A explains key elements of Oakland’s new proposal, next steps

Kaval went on to say: “We are disappointed that they did not vote on our list of conditions, which we have been asking them for months to review and give us a positive vote. But in the same way, we will take the time to understand what they have achieved. And my team is looking at it, what that means on things like infrastructure, community benefits and, most importantly, timing. “

In his comments at the waterfront, Mayor Schaaf continually noted the good weather in Oakland, compared to Las Vegas, where it is consistently over 100 degrees during baseball season.

“Yes, we’re going to build a closed stadium if that happens here, probably a retractable dome stadium,” said Kaval, who also stressed that in order for the A’s to continue “playing ball” with Oakland, the city must approve. a binding and mutually agreed upon list of conditions by the end of the baseball season.

VIDEO: Oakland officials express frustration with A’s response to list of conditions

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