Nothing But Nets Basketball League shines at Wohl Center | Sports

There is high quality basketball played every Friday night at the Wohl Recreation Center.

The Nothing But Nets Night Basketball League was created to provide positive service to players ages 18-32 on and off the court. The league, which began play in September, is presented by the City of St. Louis Recreation Department. Players take part in competitive games and attend valuable life skills sections.

Some of the people responsible for forming the league are no strangers to area basketball. They include Hall of Fame coaches Preston Thomas, Randy Reed, former standout player and coach Albert Thomas and Noren Kirksey, who has run basketball leagues for decades.

The games usually start around 8:30 p.m. and go on late into the night. There are eight teams in the league with 12 players on each team. Regular season games end Friday night and the playoffs are scheduled to start Saturday night.

In addition to basketball games, a big part of the league is the life skills portion that all players participate in before stepping onto the court. During these sessions, players meet professionals and mentors for discussions on access to health services, employment preparation, educational opportunities and many other services.

Presence at these sessions is compulsory for all players in the league if they want to participate in the matches. Each team shows up about an hour early before their scheduled game for a session in the multi-purpose room at Wohl’s Center, then heads to the gymnasium for the game.

Admission to all games is free.

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