Northern Colorado’s Bodie Hume assesses professional basketball career options

After four years at the University of Northern Colorado, Bodie Hume has announced plans to pursue professional opportunities.

The Sterling eldest shared his decision on Twitter, saying he plans to “look into my future in professional basketball.”

“I just want to thank you all for the support I’ve received not only from UNC as a school, but also from the people who have been with me,” Hume said in his statement. “I have so many memories and so much appreciation for the Bears from my four years here.”

While at Greeley, Hume was Big Sky Freshman of the Year and All-Big Sky member in his first three years. He didn’t make the All-League team last season, but he made his mark in the program’s record books.

Hume ranks No. 2 in single-season rebounds with 228. He leads the program with 265 career 3-pointers, is No. 5 in total points scored with 1,530, and he entered the top 10 in total points. blocks.

Additionally, Hume has played a key role in the growth of the program, helping the Bears to the College Insider Tournament in 2018 and the College Basketball Invitational last month.

At the start of the season, he opened up about the non-athletic maturity he gained from being at UNC. Hume said he grew mentally, emotionally, socially and learned to be more responsible. He also has relationships outside of basketball and a lot more tattoos now than he started out with.

Hume doesn’t say whether he’s going to the NBA draft for evaluation like Daylen Kountz or if he expects to pursue a professional contract overseas.

He is the latest senior to announce his future plans. Matt Johnson is the only one who is sure he will return.

Daylen Kountz is undergoing the NBA evaluation process, but could return to UNC depending on the results. He said he wouldn’t transfer if he went back to prom and would want to stay with coach Steve Smiley.

Kur Jongkuch and Tre’Shon Smoots have entered the transfer portal, while Dru Kuxhausen has exhausted his eligibility.

Smiley praised his veteran players and expressed his support for each player’s decision.

UNC has the state’s No. 2 and No. 3 recruits joining the program next season and still has several expected returns, including Dalton Knecht, Bryce Kennedy, Jamel Melvin and Zach Bloch.

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