Molina’s baseball and basketball business decisions

ST. LOUIS – The Cardinals’ season has been incredibly exciting and also incredibly weird.

While the St. Louis team was in Arizona, Yadier Molina was in Puerto Rico. He left for professional reasons. The basketball team he owns was on the verge of winning a championship. What they did.

This also does not correspond to the Molina method. He is the ultimate player. He had to be removed from training.

But a lot is going in the direction of the cardinals at the moment. If the Cardinals were five games down instead of five games, maybe Molina’s break in Puerto Rico would be viewed differently.

Albert Pujols gives Cardinal fans enough to focus on. Pujols protects his buddy from criticism by constantly hitting home runs as he makes a mad dash at 700.

The best trade decision Molina ever made was to pressure the Cardinals to sign Pujols. It was well known in the spring that Molina pushed hard for the team to pursue the slugger.

Meanwhile, Paul Goldschmidt is having an MVP season and Nolan Arenado is making defensive gems night after night.

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