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Michael Jordan

Growing up in his neighborhood of Wilmington, North Carolina, Michael Jordan was sometimes a playful and immature child. Like an ordinary kid, he spent much of his childhood going to church and playing with his brother and neighbors in his garage. He was a curious 5-year-old who just wanted to have fun and play, but once upon a time, he nearly lost a toe in a freak woodcutting accident.

Young, playful and stubborn Mike

A fantastically written story in GQ magazine in 1989 revealed that Jordan once cut off half of his toe because he stubbornly kept swimming with a reckless axe. Not knowing it would hurt him so much, Jordan cried as soon as his toe was damaged and was treated by his neighbor, who also unwaveringly treated his injured foot the wrong way.

“Michael Jordan is out in the garden, shirtless and shoeless, having fun, chopping wood. Everyone in his family wishes he didn’t swing the ax like he does. He can’t help it , he likes to have fun and have fun. With a final blow, not unlike the previous ones, he brings the ax down squarely on his big toe.” GQ’s David Breskin narrates.

“Blood is spurting everywhere and Michael is screaming. It looks like he almost completely cut his toe off. As he hops madly, the toe thumps back and forth, like a door coming undone. A neighborhood woman is summoned—she is known as a qualified person in medical emergencies—but mistakes kerosene for alcohol and pours it on her toe. Jordan screams in pain”, Breskin added.

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In a interview with David Letterman in 1989, Jordan recalled the incident and said it was the first worst thing that happened to him.

“I was mean, first of all. My parents told me not to play with the axe, so I went out chopping wood. They said not to bother me with the axe, and I was too young to play with the axe. was very dangerous”, Jordan said. “I scream, I scream and I don’t know what to do” He reminded after not listening to his parents.

Jordan dodged an injury that could have hurt him forever.

Luckily for 5-year-old Jordan, the ax didn’t break his toe so badly that it was broken forever. He dodged a bullet (or should I say an ax in this scenario), but no thanks to his neighbor, it was the type of unbearable pain that Michael will never forget.

In fact, it was the biggest injury and accident of his childhood, which he probably laughs at (while smoking cigars) today. Luckily, that didn’t stop him from playing basketball and baseball.

“He is told to lie down in his bed. He is told that everything will be fine. He lies there in shock, moaning to himself, waiting for the doctor. Michael is 5 years old. This is the first thing he remembers life on the planet: that axe, that blood, that kerosene, that pain. That toe he almost cut off. That’s the thing who could have pinned him to the ground forever”, as says Breskin.

It might be classed as a stupid childhood accident, but it was a lesson learned for Jordan on how to deal with the pain and maybe never swing an ax carelessly again. It was also a day that almost destroyed Mike’s career and the world seeing the greatest basketball player of all time.

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