Marblehead All-Sports Boosters Scholarships

Hard times, another rewarding fundraiser in Marblehead

In their toughest fundraising year on record, the Marblehead High School All-Sports Boosters still managed to award a record 37 scholarships.

Marblehead Youth Soccer, Marblehead Youth Lacrosse and the Allie Castner Foundation were responsible for seven of this year’s seniors scholarships.

Four years ago, the Boosters partnered with youth sports, and this very rewarding partnership has benefited senior MHS athletes.

This year’s recipients are: JT Monahan (Tim Cronin Award); Jacob Sherf (John Ziergiebel Prize); Tess Keaney (Allie Castner Award); Tess Whalen (Allie Castner Prize); Abby Kalinowski (young girls’ lacrosse); Matthew Thompson (young boys’ lacrosse); Mark Paquette (young boys’ lacrosse); Josie Poulin (Soccer for young girls); Gavin Shevory (young boys’ football); Gresham Bosworth; Emily Clough; Elizabeth Driscoll; Grace Elmer; Madelyn Erskine; Mae Genovese; Fehr Gillett; Natalia Goldwasser; Cara Grazado; Camden Heafit; Cameron Janock; Caroline Johnson; Haven Linehan; Sami Loughlin; Masters of Teagan; Corey McComack; Samantha McKay; Nathalie Paquette; Lauren Podgur; Léa Saulinier; Abigail Schwartz; Will Shull; Miles Smith; Christophe Thompson; Charlie Titus; Leïla Walton; Jessica West; and Cannan Whittier.

All of these 2021 fellows are shown in the photo with the exception of Gresh Bosworth, Emily Clough, Tess Keaney, Leah Saulnier and Tess Whalen.

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