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UNION COUNTY, NC — A youth league for wheelchair basketball athletes called the Charlotte Rollin’ Hornets will travel to Kansas in the coming days for national competition.

The Rollin’ Hornets consist of two junior teams and two adult teams that compete in the National Wheelchair Basketball Association – and they are all ranked in the top five nationally.

Channel 9 traveled to one of the final youth practices at Marvin Ridge High School before the team head into the finals.

Adam Smith, a sophomore at Marvin Ridge High School, is a key member of the team that won a national championship in 2018 as part of the Rollin’ Hornets prep team.

“You have to have crazy upper body strength to do that,” Smith said.

Smith said basketball was his whole life from his early days.

“I always loved the game and I feel like he always loved me back,” Smith said.

Smith said he was proud to be part of a team that feels more like a family.

“The inclusion here is something you don’t see in public or when you’re in your daily life,” Smith said.

Cameron Ruis, a 7th grader at Marvin Ridge Middle School, echoes that sentiment.

Ruis is only 12 years old, but he is in his 9th season with the team. He has been playing since he was three years old.

“It’s incredibly cool. It’s a privilege and I’m so happy to be able to play,” said Ruis.

His mother, Sheri Ruis, is also thrilled.

“He’s the only student at his school in a wheelchair, so it’s important to be around kids who have similar challenges,” Ruis said.

Ruis said that despite the different challenges the team faces, they are real athletes.

“They are athletes like any valid team. They work hard. They train like any other team,” Ruis said.

(WATCH BELOW: Partners in Play – Wheelchair Basketball Players)

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