Kendric Davis chooses Memphis as the next step in his college basketball career, in part with Grizzlies star Desmond Bane

Bane and Davis played side by side at TCU in Davis’ freshman year. After entering the transfer portal, Davis and Bane are now both playing at Memphis.

MEMPHIS, Tenn. – This year’s number one prospect on the college basketball transfer portal arrives in Memphis.

“This will be my first time leaving Texas,” Kendric Davis said.

Many believe that Davis is head coach Penny Hardaway’s biggest recruit in her time as head coach.

However, despite the AAC Game of the Year talent, it was someone else who got to Kendric Davis here in Memphis before Penny could.

“I mean, I never told this story to anyone, when I was transferred before Penny called Desmond was the first to call like we were to make you a tiger,” Davis said.

Grizzlies sniper Desmond Bane made the call, not based on his basketball, but on a friendship that began years ago.

“I actually got my work ethic from Desmond Bane. When I got to TCU, it was my second day on campus, I was sleeping Desmond walked into my dorm, woke me up, and threw the blanket over me. I looked like, it was like seven in the morning, he was like getting up! I was like a man for what it’s seven. He was like, we’re about to go we practice, so we went to practice. So I think I’m done, go to the cafeteria and he’s like what are you doing?! I was like the man was eating, relaxing, was laying down. And he said no, we’re about to go lift. I’m like what you mean to lift, he was like, what I said! I get up to go to the elevator and then later that night he came back to my dorm and we played one on one and that showed me what it takes to be great,” Davis said.

With close friends here in Memphis like Desmond Bane, Ja Morant and a connection to Billon Brooks, as well as loving the Tiger Nation atmosphere, Davis said the choice was easy.

“It was the perfect situation, and Penny and I joked, he said you gave me enough buckets, can we give each other buckets now?” Davis said.

What are your goals coming to Memphis, when you talk about the success you hope to have here as a player and as a teammate,” I asked.

“My mom always told me when you give you get, so I want to help my teammates grow. I mean, I’m just looking forward to having fun and hopefully bringing the national championship first. in the city. I’m blessed to be in this position and just hope the Tiger Nation and Memphis enjoy it,” Davis said.

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