Julia Trubkina’s Best Globetrotter Travel Photos

Julia Trubkina has traveled all over the world to many beautiful places. Discover the best places the dancer has traveled solo and with Brandon.

Although 90 day fiancé Star Julia Trubkina is known for her aversion to farm life, the Russian dancer has in fact had an impressive resume traveling the world for the past 27 years. Brandon Gibbs’ wife traveled to many countries and saw many different lifestyles. While Brandon has accompanied his wife on exciting journeys, Julia has also made a number of surprising world journeys herself.

When Julia arrived in the United States to be with Brandon, she was disappointed to find out that he lived on her parents’ farm in Dinwiddie, Virginia. Although the 90 Day Fiancé: Happy Forever? The season 6 couple now live in their own apartment in Richmond, Virginia, Julia said the city of her dreams to move to will be even bigger.

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The dancer fell in love with Las Vegas on a trip with Brandon, though her husband ended his big-city dreams due to financial problems. However, Julia has spent time in many exciting cities over the years.

Korea trips

Julia visited Lotte World Adventure in South Korea in 2016. A little known fact about Brandon’s wife is that she has lived in Korea for a while and can speak Korean. Many viewers were impressed by Juliaher hidden talents, as she was also a former competitive bodybuilder.

Antalya Adventures

Travel to the Russian beauty world also took her to Antalya, Turkey in 2017. Beach-loving Julia dressed in cold-weather clothes for her visit to this beautiful country. However, she has plenty of other bikini beach photos that she shared with her fans.

Pattaya Tour

Another of Julia’s 2017 trips, which she took before teaming up with Brandon on her travels, saw her in Pattaya, Thailand. Julia wore denim shorts as she gazed at the water while on vacation. Julia seemed confident in her solo adventures, although she would soon have her partner by her side.

Iceland’s proposal

In 2019, Brandon started to become a regular on Julia’s newsfeed, including this photo of them at the Blue Lagoon. Their trip to Iceland was very special since it was when Brandon asked his future wife the question. Brandon and Julia appeared very much in love on the happy trip. Perhaps the young couple will travel with an additional companion soon, as Julia is anxious to have a baby with Brandon.

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Parisian presentations

Julia and Brandon also enjoyed a trip to France in 2019. Brandon memorably admitted spending his savings while traveling the world with his partner. The couple each invited their parents to Paris so that everyone could meet. Although Julia runs into her in-laws on 90 day fiancé, this trip turned out to be a great success.

American arrival

Julia’s arrival at Washington Dulles International Airport marked a special moment for the couple, as Brandon and his parents were delighted that Julia would land in the United States before heading to Virginia with her. Julia then visited many major cities in the United States with her husband, including Miami, Las Vegas, New York and Los Angeles.

Russia Reunion

Although Brandon has accompanied Julia on her adventures for the past two years, she has chosen to return home and see her family solo this summer due to travel visa issues and Brandon’s work schedule. Julia shone on her own as she enjoyed a family trip with her beloved loved ones. A lot of her 90 day fiancé fans have noted how happy Julia is with her loved ones, even though she can come across as a bratty onscreen.

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