Josh Primo 2021 NBA Draft Recruitment Report

Denver Nuggets 2021 NBA Draft Goals: Joshua Primo, Alabama Crimson Tide celebrates on January 12, 2021. (Photo by Andy Lyons / Getty Images)

Speaking to the media during his recent training with the Denver Nuggets, Josh Primo said fellow Canadian Jamal Murray is one of his favorite players. He added that he has been following Blue Arrow since he first saw it live in 2015.

Although he hasn’t met Jamal, his father, Roger Murray, gave Primo some information on what he can expect in the draft and beyond:

” I followed [Jamal] and he has really grown since his arrival [to Denver]. So, it’s really nice to be in this gym, somewhere he’s worked, and to be able to work hard and compete right here.

“[Roger has] gave me nuggets. My dad and I taught us something about this process, how it’s going to be, and then go from there.

With the NBA Draft less than nine days away, Primo might not be long in hearing his name called by Commissioner Adam Silver. He may well be available at 26 for the Denver Nuggets.

Maybe, just maybe, there’s a Blue Arrow Jr. in the young combo guard?

Denver Nuggets: What does Josh Primo bring to the team?

Primo can shoot off the ball. In his only season with the Alabama Crimson Tide, he shot 38% from behind the arc on 3.8 3-point attempts per night.

He has a high clearance and a deep beach on his sweater which looks silky. The only problem at the moment is that it drops it low enough on the socket. That’s not a big concern and there are a lot of players in the league today who came out of college who ended up pulling him out of their movement.

And I can take that kind of development freedom with this choice because Primo is only 18 years old. It would be more of a project choice, not a player who can come in and contribute right away.

The flashes of a future scorer are brilliant and his shooting skills are multiple. If a defender gets close to him, he is able to quickly dribble a side step into an open shot consistently.

And on top of the catches, he runs off like a man on a mission, catching a lot of dribble transfers, and even finds himself nailing three of the pick-and-roll.

When he takes a few steps inside the arch, his slender figure interferes with his production. At 6’6 ″ he has the ability to play either guard post, but at just 18 he’s not the most built player in the world – he can be improved.

But don’t take his age as a sign of weakness defensively, Primo never takes away defensive possessions, even though he’s intimidated by a bigger player, he stays calm throughout possession.

Like Kevin O’Connor, The ring said:

“[Primo is an] active defender on the ball with good fundamentals and good length who defends with his feet and not his arms, sliding sideways to reflect his opponents and rarely commits reckless faults.

He’s got the makings of a three-and-D role player, a prototype that not only all teams need, but one that gets paid in today’s NBA. Component ‘D’ is less Trevor Ariza-y and more Danny Green-y, someone who is more comfortable on the guards.

Despite the offensive flashes and clear skill when shooting the ball, Primo has remained in his role on Alabama’s hyper offensive squad, understanding that his shot helps in team play.

Zach Harper, Athleticism described a player who needs time to grow in his frame and role:

“He’s got a good length at the guard post, and I think he will be able to score / shoot. He just needs time for his body to mature.

The only problem with a long-term perspective at 18 is that the Denver Nuggets are trying to wrestle. Yes, there is the argument of bringing in the best player available and he can just be traded later, but without any minutes on his side it would be difficult to show his potential.

If the Denver Nuggets end up selecting Primo, I’ll be excited, but also wonder if there’s a better option to contribute in the present.

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