Shortly after J. Cole announced he was joining the Canadian Elite Basketball League, the rapper pulled out due to his music career. It’s unclear if J. Cole will ever take an indefinite hiatus from releasing music and playing shows to settle down and put more work into painting, but fans have been puzzled to learn that he will. left the Scarborough Shooting Stars to return to the road just weeks after joining the team.

“I was saying to the guys in there, ‘I’m going to these shows, I don’t know if I’ll be back,'” Cole said. “But just in case, I had to let them know how amazing it was. The players, the technical staff, the organization, the league, it’s crazy when you see it on paper, when you see what’s really going on, and they made me feel so welcome.

“I have to shout out to the people of Scarborough because coming from America I didn’t really know,” he said. “So I learned so much that people there feel seen with this basketball team and this league that showcases them. People there feel seen and I guess that wasn’t always the cause. , so I’m proud to be able to add something to Canada and to this talent that is in Canada.These guys are amazing, so to be able to see more of them is a pleasure.

As his fans await more news on the future of his basketball career, Cole mentioned his athletic pursuit during his performance at Governors Ball over the weekend.

“I was playing basketball and shit,” the Dreamville hitmaker said with a slight smile. The crowd erupted. “I came tonight to see if I could still rap, you know what I mean?” It certainly did not disappoint. Check it out below.

Photo courtesy of HNHH