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Mischievous betting brand Paddy Power presents some eyebrow-raising ‘drama with balls’ after teaming up with creative agency Octagon for its latest ad campaign.

“Bingoton” was officially launched in a way that suits the brand’s proverbial newbie today (23rd September).

Written and directed by Jonny Watson, Dan Harrisson and Neil Richardson from Octagon UK, and realized by Jim Gilchrist from Outsider, the 30-second TVC will premiere on ITV tonight during Coronation Street.

The ad takes viewers back to the start of the 19e century, with Miss Bingoton and her lady-in-waiting evaluating a selection of “gentlemen callers”, cleverly creating a humorous parallel to the perils of modern dating.

According to Josh Green, executive director of Octagon, it was the perfect comedic conduit to convey the Paddy Power Bingoproposal:

“In the simplest terms, bingo is drama with balls. This is how the idea of ​​Bingoton was born.

Tom Muldowney, Head of Games Marketing at Paddy Power adds:

“We wanted to make a bold advertisement and Miss Bingoton felt like the perfect woman to deliver our ‘more chances’ message. That’s with the exception of the suitor who sent him pictures of (Charles) Dickens. It stays on the cutting room floor.

The ad opens with a sweeping view of high-society types congregating on the lavish grounds of Bingoton Manor. Center stage is Miss Bingoton, who is joined by her lady-in-waiting and emcee, all of whom eagerly anticipate a parade of potential suitors for her. pleasure of the eyes.

Suitor number 10 rolls the (bingo) balls. But he is quickly fired by Miss Bingoton who orders her servants to “swipe left” on her behalf.

Suitor number 3 is quickly dispatched in an equally decisive fashion, having been judged by Miss B to be “catfishing again” after taking into account his dated and unrecognizable profile paint.

Taking a chance next is suitor number 66, a handsome gentleman from Essex who only has eyes for his own reflection.

“The only way is to GET OUT,” she laughs under her breath to her lady-in-waiting.

Paddy Power’s latest campaign comes with all the Easter eggs punters have come to expect from the mischievous brand, which manages to marry drama (and balls) to make for the perfect match.

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