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Hannah Sjerven grew up idolizing players like Sylvia Fowles and Maya Moore.

Sjerven, a former University of South Dakota basketball star, will get a chance Sunday to bump elbows with his idols.

Earlier this week, Sjerven was selected in the WNBA draft by the Minnesota Lynx, and the Rogers, Minnesota native will report to training camp later this weekend to fight for a spot on the listing.

“Knowing that I’m at least going to training camps with Sylvia Fowles in her final season is a huge honor,” Sjerven said. “I am delighted to learn from her. She is a very experienced and talented player. So if I can get into her brain and even pick up some things from her, that would be an amazing experience.

At first, Sjerven didn’t even know she had been selected.

During the ESPN telecast, the sports network announced second- and third-round draft picks during commercial breaks.

That’s when Sjerven’s name was called, but he wasn’t really called. It just appeared on the TV screen.

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Sjerven’s family went crazy and once the new Lynx member saw his name in the bottom third of the screen, the celebration began.

“It was still very exciting and I’m still very grateful that my name was called,” Sjerven said.

Right after that, Sjerven got her name posted on the Lynx’s social media pages, and that was the most exciting part for her.

Sjerven thinks that when she first enters the Lynx facilities, the feelings will be like when she was a freshman in college.

“Maybe when I get there on Friday or Saturday and start going through all these meetings and physicals and training on Sunday, maybe it will hit me then,” Sjerven said. “It still feels like a dream.”

Training camp for WNBA franchises begins until the start of the season. For the Lynx, they start on Sunday and run through May 5, the day before Minnesota’s season opener against the Seattle Storm on the road.

The Lynx also have a few pre-season games before that.

Sjerven said at Wednesday’s press conference that she had a chat with coach Cheryl Reeve and liked Sjerven’s ability to shoot and play defense.

“(Reeve) is excited to see how well I’m able to screen the ball. So those are the things she’s looking forward to in training camp,” the former Coyotes said. just waiting for me to come in and play with confidence and show them what I got in the time they give me. It is very difficult to make a list, especially as a conscript. There’s just not a lot of room on rosters or salary caps and that sort of thing. So I think I have realistic expectations of what I’m getting into, but also go ahead and give it my all, because they expect that.

There’s this possibility that Sjerven — the only one to have been drafted from a mid-major program — won’t make her hometown team.

She and her agent discussed other options, including a chance to play overseas.

“It’s similar to college basketball where you don’t want to look too far into the future because things change every day,” Sjerven said. “Just like we’re trying to make a list here. People overseas are trying to do the same. The inner workings of the situation are very complex. So I leave a lot of that and I trust my agent for that.

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