FSL vs BAY Dream11 Prediction German Basketball League, Fraport Skyliners vs Bayern Munich

FSL vs BAY Dream11: The German land has produced a variety of basketball superstars that live deep in our memory, first the name Dirk Nowitzki jumps out right away. Detlef Schrempf was the superb player for the SuperSonics and other teams in the 90s. In the modern era, the country has produced stalwarts like Dennis Schroeder and an intriguing young prospect Franz Wagner. Although this is not the case; have the same star power as the NBA, the German Basketball League is always fascinating, and in this game Fraport Skyliners play against Bayern Munich.

The Skyliners come into this game after a heartbreaking 82:83 loss to Bayreuth despite three players scoring between 14 and 17 points. On the other hand, Bayern ratcheted up the pressure against Ulm, winning 87:80 as Cassius Winston kicked off a 25-point night.

Host: Fraport Skyliners
Visitors: Bayern Munich
Timing of matches: October 3, @ 21:00 (+05:30 UTC)
Venue: Fraport Arena

FSL vs BAY Dream11 GBL Screenings, Statistics and Analysis

In their last game, Munich did a great job of limiting turnovers and got an 18:7 assists: turnovers ratio. They also had 13 offensive rebounds, which meant they had a high number of field goal attempts throughout the game. They were aggressive and won 22 free throws, making 18 but conceding 26 free throws. They made five more threes which were decisive in the end.

Meanwhile, Fraport lost a close one and surely the turnovers were to blame for them as they committed 18. The heartbreaking part of the game was that the team led for over 35 minutes and despite that, a late flurry of opposition buried them. A huge takeaway was scoring balance, as the team found multiple scoring options throughout the game. Despite the turnovers, the Risks paved the way for 25 assists.

Fraport Skyliners vs Bayern Munich GBL Live, team news and rosters

List of Fraport Skyliners:

Starters Skyliners expected
C: Mertinas Geben
PF: Einaras Tubutis
SF: Lukas jerking off
SG: Laurynas Beliaskunas
PG: JJ Frazier

BENCH: Lorenz Brenekke, Jordan Samare, Joshua Obiesie.

Bayern Munich roster:

Expected departures from Bayern
C: Freddie Gillespie
PF: Augustin Rubit
SF: Nick Weiler-Babb
SG: Ongjen Jaramaz
PG: Cassius Winston

BENCH: Andreas Obst, Othello Hunter, Paul Zipser, Corey Walden, Jason George, Jan Niklas Wimberg.

German Basketball League Scores, Top Fantasy Basketball Picks

Nick Weiler-Babb (BAY)
Dots: 18

Rebounds: 07
Assists: 04
Nick made most of his threes and picked up where he left off last season. I expect a range of 15-22 points, 6-9 rebounds and 4-6 assists. He can be chosen as a Star / Pro player in Dream11 Prediction stage.

Martinas Geben (FSL)
Points: 17
Rebounds: 04
Passes: 05
Blocks: 01

Martinas was a versatile factor in the last game. I think he’ll be 11-16 points, 5-8 rebounds and 3-5 assists.

Cassius Winston (BAY)
Dots: 25
Rebounds: 06
Passes: 05

Cassius was phenomenal on the scoring side last game and will be huge again. I expect 19-25 points, 3-5 rebounds and 3-5 assists.

Laurynas Beliauskas (FSL)
Dots: 16
Rebounds: 03
Assists: 03
Laurynas hit the score button in the last game. I expect a range of 14 to 19 points here.

Freddie Gillespie (BAY)
Dots: 10
Rebounds: 08
Assists: 01
Blocks: 04
Flights: 02
Freddie was on fire in defense in the last game. I expect a range of 8-12 points, 6-9 rebounds and 1-3 steals/blocks.

Lorenz Brenneke (FSL)
Dots: 14
Rebounds: 05
Assists: 01

Brenneke was a huge factor within minutes. I expect a range of 8 to 13 points here.

Ongjen Jaramaz(BAY)
Dots: 09
Rebounds: 01
Assists: 03
Flights: 01

Ongjen was off the three-point line. I expect a range of 7-11 points and 3-5 assists.

Lukas Wank (FSL)
Dots: 12
Rebounds: 04
Assists: 02
Flights: 02
Lukas gave solid minutes in the last game. I expect a range of 10 to 14 points here.

Othello Hunter (BAY)
Dots: 05
Rebounds: 07
Assists: 02
Blocks: 01

Othello brings big physical chops off the bench. I expect a range of 4-8 points, 5-8 rebounds and 1-2 blocks.

JJ Frazier(FSL)
Dots: 09
Rebounds: 08
Assists: 06

Frazier was a solid all-around option last game. I expect 11-15 points, 5-8 rebounds and 4-7 assists.

Andreas Obst (BAY)
Dots: 05
Rebounds: 02
Assists: 01

Obst plays a key role off the bench. I expect a range of 6-11 points and 3-4 rebounds.

Einaras Tubutis (FSL)
Dots: 07
Rebounds: 03
Assists: 03
Flights: 02

Tubutis can give solid minutes and played 30 last game for the Skyliners. I expect a range of 9 to 13 points here.

Paul Zipser (BAY)
Dots: 08
Rebounds: 01
Aids: 00

Zipser can play a role of 10-15 minutes.

Joshua Obiesie (FSL)
Dots: 03
Rebounds: 04
Passes: 05
Flights: 01

Blocks: 01
Joshua gave solid minutes in the last game.

FSL vs BAY Dream 11 range

PG: L Beliauskas, C Winston (PP)J Frazier
OS: N Weiler-Babb (ES)
SF: An Obst
PF: A Rubit
C: M Geben, F Gillespie

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