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Raphael Varane remembers the summer of 2011, when Europe’s biggest clubs vied for his signing and Sir Alex Ferguson showed up at the door of his mother’s house in Lille in an attempt to persuade him to join Manchester United.

The center-back, 18 at the time, would end up choosing Real Madrid following a late intervention by Zinedine Zidane. But even as the seasons passed and silverware piled up in the Spanish capital, Manchester United remained on his mind. Ferguson did not get his man back but his trip to Lille was not in vain.

“It was a special moment for me and my family”, says Varane Air sports, speaking on Zoom from the club’s Carrington headquarters a decade later. “It’s amazing to meet a person like him at 18. You know, after that it’s your destiny. Ten years in Madrid and now I’m here.”

Varane smiles. He has no regrets and why should he? He became one of the best and most decorated defenders in the world during his time at Real Madrid, winning 18 trophies, including four Champions Leagues, and becoming a World Cup winner with France.

Ferguson could be forgiven for wondering what could have happened watching Varane excel in his late debut against Wolves from the director’s dressing room in Molineux. But the feeling at Manchester United a month after arriving for £ 41million is that it was worth the wait.

They acquired Varane at the height of his powers. Ole Gunnar Solskjaer spoke about the quality and experience of the 28-year-old. But he also described him as “humble” and “curious”.

A player who has won everything is hungry for more.

“It’s my mentality,” says Varane. “I want to be better. I want to improve. I want to surpass myself.

“It’s a new challenge for me,” he adds. “A different competition, a different mentality, a different atmosphere. It’s all new to me but I’ve enjoyed every day so far.

“It’s a big challenge to bring Manchester United back to the top, but I feel like people want to win, people want to do great things with this club, and that’s a great motivation for me.”

Raphael Varane made his home debut in the 4-1 win over Newcastle

Varane was sold on the project by Solskjaer – “he told me about the ambition of the team, and how I to feel playing for Manchester United, ”he says – and it also helped him to be able to pick the brains of his close friend and international teammate Paul Pogba.

“Paul told me about the club, the atmosphere, the expectations,” says Varane. “Of course he’s a great player. But he also has very good positive energy. He’s a leader for the group. I’ve known him for a very long time so I’m happy to play with him.”

It’s a big challenge to bring Manchester United back to the top, but I feel like people want to win, people want to do great things with this club, and that’s a great motivation.

Raphaël Varane on Manchester United

Varane is also a leader – albeit in a different way.

He is not an extrovert but is seen as an example to others and speaks with authority and intelligence. At 21, he became the youngest captain in the country’s history. “He’s really good in the locker room, which is very important in football,” Pogba said.

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Highlights of Manchester United’s win over Newcastle

Varane’s influence is evident to those with whom he has played. But this is not someone looking for the spotlight. In Madrid, few players have contributed so much to the successes of the past decade and yet Varane’s name has rarely appeared in the headlines.

“I don’t play football for this focus,” he said, shrugging his shoulders. “I just want to help the team and do my best. I want to improve and be who I am on the pitch. That’s my goal and my mindset.”

There was therefore no complaint that his arrival at Manchester United was overshadowed by that of his former Real Madrid teammate Cristiano Ronaldo on the last day of the transfer window.

I think he is the best example in the world in terms of a work ethic and a winning mindset.

Raphaël Varane on Cristiano Ronaldo

The 36-year-old’s sensational return to Old Trafford made waves in the football world and, with three goals in his first two appearances, its impact was immediate.

Varane is delighted to be reunited after seeing first-hand the work that has extended his extraordinary career.

“I think he is the best example in the world in terms of a work ethic and a winning mentality,” said Varane, who shared a dressing room with Ronaldo for seven seasons at Real Madrid.

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Gary Neville says Manchester ‘buzz’ after Cristiano Ronaldo return

“By playing with this type of player, you get better every day. If he still plays at such a high level at his age, it is because his work is incredible. I am very happy to play with him.”

As Ronaldo returns to the Premier League, Varane experiences it for the first time. It is, he admits, an adjustment from what he had grown used to in La Liga.

“It’s different football,” he says with a smile. “It’s faster, you have more duels and the intensity is very high in every game. The pace on the pitch is different. You repeat a lot of runs and effort and you have to be prepared because there is a lot pressure. “

If the change of pace had surprised him, you wouldn’t know.

Raphaël Varane has won the Champions League four times at Real Madrid
Raphaël Varane has won the Champions League four times at Real Madrid

Varane couldn’t prevent United’s 2-1 defeat in their Champions League opener against Young Boys on Tuesday, but he impressed in his Premier League debut against Wolves and looked confident as well. against Newcastle last weekend.

“The atmosphere was special,” he says of the 4-1 win at Old Trafford. “It was absolutely amazing to hear from the fans the whole game. There was a lot of positive energy and I think the team felt it.”

Varane’s impact may not be as obvious as Ronaldo’s, but he’s already been shown to change the way Manchester United defend themselves. He added some rhythm to a much needed baseline. Solskjaer’s team are therefore in a position to play higher on the pitch.

Air sports Expert Gary Neville underlined the importance of this last season, saying United need a defender “quick, good in the air, strong and able to cover Harry Maguire head-to-head”.

Varane offers these qualities in abundance, but he emphasizes that it will take time to strike a deal with Maguire like the one he shared with Sergio Ramos at Real Madrid.

“With Sergio Ramos, I had 10 years to get to know him, to know how he moves on the pitch and how I have to move to be complementary with him,” he said.

It’s different football. It’s faster, you have more duels and the intensity is very high in each match

Raphaël Varane on the Premier League

“I think Harry Maguire is a great player but we have to work hard to feel comfortable on the pitch. It’s the same with all defenders on the team. It’s important to feel connected. We need to move forward together and motivate each other.

“Every day we learn and improve.”

Raphael Varane hopes to form a solid partnership with Harry Maguire
Raphael Varane hopes to form a solid partnership with Harry Maguire

The same can be said of Varane’s language skills. It is indeed the way in which he embarks on this new challenge that he wanted to conduct this interview in English.

“It’s important to me,” he says. “I have to connect with my teammates, with the fans and with the country where I am. I see it as part of my experience, to come here, to learn and to improve.”

Even after all he’s accomplished in the game, Varane’s constant desire to learn and improve suggests the best is yet to come from him.

It’s a tantalizing thought for Manchester United. They had to be patient but Raphaël Varane is here now, his destiny finally fulfilled.

Watch West Ham vs. Man Utd live on Sky Sports Premier League from 1pm Sunday; kick off at 2 p.m.

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Diving instructor fined after tragic death of student off East Lothian coast Sun, 19 Sep 2021 11:31:45 +0000

A diving instructor has been fined for breaking health and safety rules after the tragic death of a trainee while diving off the coast of East Lothian.

Ashley Roberts, 29, was training William Peace and Richard Heppell for a 148-foot dive on the wreck of a German submarine landing three miles off the coast of Dunbar which sank in 1916.

Mr Peace, 59, and Mr Heppell were attending a closed-circuit rebreather diving course run by Roberts which is more technical than scuba diving and allows divers to go deeper.

READ MORE – Edinburgh Britain’s Got Talent dancer Lewis Chalmers dies aged just 25

But during the July 8, 2017 dive, Mr. Peace encountered difficulty at a depth of 130 to 144 feet and quickly became unresponsive.

Mr Heppell attempted to rescue his stricken companion but was forced to return to the surface for his own safety.

Mr. Peace’s body was then recovered by police divers using sonar equipment on August 30, 2017.

A subsequent Health and Safety Executive (HSE) investigation into the tragedy found Roberts, of Birstall, West Yorkshire, had failed to conduct a proper assessment of students’ skills prior to the dive.

The HSE investigation revealed that although an evaluation dive was performed, it was not sufficient to measure the ability of the divers and should have been performed at a depth well below 45m.

There was also no verification of the number of rebreather hours Mr. Peace had completed during his previous dives or verification of the rescue capability of each diver.

Roberts, the sole director of the now dissolved Ash Roberts Technical Limited, appeared before Edinburgh Sheriff Court last week, where he pleaded guilty to violating Sections 3 (1) and 37 (1) of the Act of 1974 on occupational health and safety.

The court heard that an autopsy had revealed that Mr. Peace, of Markinch, Fife, was suffering from “significant coronary heart disease” at the time of his death.

In a written decision, Sheriff Roderick Flinn said the company’s failures included “a failure to verify the current skill levels of both divers, as opposed to simply their previously achieved training levels” and “a failure to do an appropriate assessment of the rescue capacity of each diver ”.

It was also found that the dive company did not “follow the accepted practice that an evaluation dive must take place at a depth significantly below the limit 2 of the diver’s existing rating – in this case it is suggested, no more than 20 meters ”.

Sheriff Flinn said: ‘As stated above, these failures did not cause or contribute to the injury or death of anyone, although they undoubtedly came to light following M’s death. . Peace.

“The autopsy report notes Mr. Peace’s significant coronary artery disease.

“Death by drowning could neither be confirmed nor excluded. Mr. Peace’s death has been certified as “diving death in man with coronary heart disease”.

“I am convinced that despite the delay in bringing this matter to court, the accused fully cooperated with the police, gave prompt instructions to his agent and accepted a plea as soon as the detailed terms of this plea were adjusted by those who advise it.

“On that basis, he should get the full third-party discount.

“As a result, that brings out a final figure, for a financial penalty, of £ 2,300. I will impose a fine of this amount and invite representations as to the time limit for payment. “

Speaking after the hearing, HSE Dive Inspector Alister Wallbank said: “It was a very traumatic incident for all involved and a tragedy for William Peace and his family.

“Mr. Roberts was responsible for the appropriate level of assessment, training and supervision.

“Mr. Roberts’ conduct during the pre-dive and assessment stages exposed William Peace and his co-student to greater risks to their health and safety than could otherwise have been the case.”

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Hawaii’s visitor industry is feeling the impact of trip cancellations Sun, 19 Sep 2021 10:11:01 +0000 Mahalo for his support of the Honolulu Star-Advertiser. Enjoy this free story!

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Recognition Report: Dolphins Improved Their Talent Around Tua Tagovailoa | Buffalo Bills News | NFL Sun, 19 Sep 2021 10:01:47 +0000

When the dolphins throw: Second-year quarterback Tua Tagovailoa posted 16 of 27 for 202 yards and a touchdown. He led a pair of touchdowns that covered at least 75 yards apiece, but Miami looked outclassed on the third down, scoring just 4 of 11. Tagovailoa has an impressive collection of receivers, with rookie Jaylen Waddle joining veterans DeVante Parker and Will Fuller V Fuller, however, won’t play the Bills for personal reasons. Tight end Mike Gesicki has caused trouble for the Bills in the past. The Bills held Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger 188 yards passing in Week 1. They’ll be signing up for that type of effort every week, although cornerback Levi Wallace has had a few moments. difficult. EDGE: Invoices.

Special teams: A newsletter reader said last week’s D- rating for bills was too harsh. Maybe, but that’s what happens when a blocked punt gives the other team the winning points. The Bills also played a good game on the special teams, but this kind of massive game-changing mistake just can’t happen. Dolphins return man Jakeem Grant returned a punt for 18 yards in Week 1. He’s injured the Bills in the past with big returns. EDGE: Same.

Framing: The old saying goes that a team with two quarterbacks really doesn’t have one. That can be changed for the Dolphins this year, who go with Eric Studesville and George Godsey as co-offensive coordinators. This is an unusual configuration. The Bills sent a message early in the game against Pittsburgh by opting for a set of five receivers. Unfortunately, it didn’t work. Possession only lasted three games before the team settled for a basket. It was the start of a rough afternoon for coach Sean McDermott, who was oddly conservative on his first two fourth-down calls, and offensive coordinator Brian Daboll, who went too cute twice in offensive situations. short distance. EDGE: Invoices.

Teen Marietta receives Eagle Scout honor Sun, 19 Sep 2021 03:14:00 +0000 The honor of “Eagle Scout” is the highest rank a scout can achieve. Gregory Frazier says it took him six years.

TROUP COUNTY, Georgia – A freshman at college celebrates a major achievement on Saturday.

Gregory Frazier became the first Eagle Scout of Troop 340, which is part of the Scout Reach program. The program helps all young people to have the opportunity to enter Scouting, regardless of their background or any other obstacles they may face.

Becoming an Eagle Scout is a prestigious award that can take several years. It’s the highest rank a Scout can achieve, and Fraizer was recognized for this milestone on Saturday. The CEO of the Atlanta Regional Council of the Boy Scouts of America said the award prepares Scouts for any situation.

“The Eagle Scout award is the highest award an Eagle Scout can win. And we have 5,600 scouts a year, so every Saturday, every Sunday a youngster wins a prize. Everyone is special and today is Gregory’s day. And we’re very proud of him, “said Tracy Techau.

Fraizer says the rank took him six years, over 20 badges and several projects to accomplish.

“To me that means honor and discipline. It means that if you can achieve that rank in life, you can go through anything else in life,” he said.

Frazier now attends Clark University in Atlanta. He studies mass media and is a member of the marching band. Troop 340 meets at the Anderson Boys and Girls Club.

Tahlequah volunteers clean up garbage from Lake Tenkiller Sun, 19 Sep 2021 00:07:56 +0000

Tahlequah volunteers helped clean up hundreds of pounds of trash from Tenkiller Lake today.

Tidy Up Tenkiller began cleaning up debris from the lake in 2018 due to damage from tornadoes and flooding.

It’s their sixth event and Gena McPhail of Tahlequah Tourism says she’s always surprised when she sees the number of dumpsters full at the end of the day.

“It’s absolutely amazing,” McPhail said. “Every time we go out here we always think, ‘Oh my God, we’ve already picked up so much trash, how can there be any more left over? “”

Much of the debris left by the storm is tires and styrofoam. But if you are in the lake long enough, the size of the garbage you can find can be amazing. But McPhail says it’s not even the worst. It’s the trash people leave behind that makes the job harder than it should be.

“It’s total neglect and I think trying to stop it starts with our kids with educating what it can really do for our land,” McPhail said.

This year was the first time they had brought divers to clean underwater.

Carl Jack, one of the divers, said he was happy to be able to combine his love for diving and his love for helping others.

“We are helping the environment,” said Jack. “And I had a blast doing it. Diving is my thing. I can’t wait to do it again and do it in other places as well.”

Jack says he’s also happy to have been able to work with people who care about the community as much as he does.

“Yes, there is a lot of work to be done, but there are a lot of people who are willing to do it… can do it and know how important it is,” said Jack.

The next clean-up is expected to take place in 2022.

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Ohio State vs Tulsa: live stream, watch online, TV channel, prediction, pick, broadcast, soccer game odds Sat, 18 Sep 2021 22:29:00 +0000

It’s not often that a team gets excited when they face the Ohio State No.9, but the worst time to face the Buckeyes is probably when they’ve just lost. Last week’s 35-28 home loss to Oregon marked the first regular-season loss for coach Ryan Day and the program’s first regular-season loss since being shocked by Purdue 49- 20 in 2018. This Buckeyes team would respond by winning 19 straight games over the next few seasons and a half.

Clearly, Tulsa has his work cut out for him on Saturday when he travels to Columbus, Ohio, and faces an angry Ohio State team.

It won’t be the first time Tulsa has made the trip to northern Ohio. The Golden Hurricane played at Ohio Stadium at the start of the 2016 season to face a No.4-ranked Ohio State team at the time. Hurricane kept this game close for most of the first half and trailed just 6-3 at the end of the second quarter before a few steals changed things quickly. Ohio State took a 20-3 lead at halftime and widened the lead further, winning the game 48-3. Check out LIVE updates for the best games of week 3.

Ohio State vs Tulsa: Need to Know

Who will call the defense of the state of Ohio? The person who took the most heat after the loss to Oregon was defensive coordinator Kerry Coombs, who took over last season after Jeff Hafley left to coach Boston College. Under Hafley, the defense of the state of Ohio was one of the most powerful units in the country. Last season under Coombs, the defense fell to 59th nationally in yards against per game, 77th in yards against per game and 43rd in points against per game.

So far in 2021, the Buckeyes rank 112th, 105th and 109th in those same categories. When asked at his weekly press conference on defensive appeal duties this week against Tulsa, Ryan Day was evasive in his responses. That could mean it won’t be Coombs.

CJ Stroud lives up to the hype: The Ohio State loss overshadowed how well Stroud played against the Ducks. While there has been a lot of attention that Stroud has yet to be for the state of Ohio – namely, not Justin Fields – few mention what he did. Over the course of two weeks, Stroud leads the Big Ten in passing yards per game (389), passing yards per attempt (10.2) and touchdowns (seven). These same statistics rank respectively second, eleventh and fourth in the country.

In other words, Stroud has been a great start to his career, despite a few missed shots.

Tulsa has a 14-game losing streak against the Power Five: The Golden Hurricane have just had a strong 2020 season, but have struggled in non-conference games against opponents from the Power Five for some time. Tulsa has lost 14 straight games to the Power Five and 24 of their last 25. The last victory dates back to 2012 when he beat Iowa State 31-17 in the Liberty Bowl to cap an 11-3 season. However, the hurricane has been approaching lately. They lost to Oklahoma State 28-23 last week after a 16-7 loss to Stillwater last season. In last year’s Armed Forces Bowl, Tulsa nearly upended the state of Mississippi, but almost failed in a 28-26 loss.

How to watch Ohio State vs Tulsa live

Dated: Saturday September 18 | Time: 3:30 p.m. ET
Site: Ohio Stadium – Columbus, Ohio
TV: FS1 | Direct: fuboTV (Try for free)

Ohio State vs Tulsa prediction, pick

It’s probably one of those “wrong place, wrong time” games for Tulsa. Ohio State will be looking to make a strong statement following last week’s loss and Tulsa offers a solid opportunity to do so – especially for a defense that has struggled and needs a reason to feel good about itself. While Tulsa went 6-3 last season, he did so largely through his defense, as he scored just 27.1 points per game (74th nationally). This season, Tulsa has scored 40 points in two games. I can’t imagine he will score enough points to hang on to an Ohio State offense that has already proven to be extremely explosive. Prediction: Ohio State (-24.5)

What college football picks can you confidently make in Week 3, and which Top 25 favorite is the toughest? Visit SportsLine to see which teams will win and cover the spread – all from a proven computer model that has grossed over $ 3,500 in profit over the past five+ seasons – and find out.

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Apple Pledges to Pay for Travel for Texas Employees Due to Abortion Ban Sat, 18 Sep 2021 18:17:15 +0000

Apple is taking a more stand for its employees.

CEO Tim Cook spoke about the iPhone maker’s plans to support Texas employees affected by the state’s new abortion law, known as the “heartbeat” bill on Friday. .

In an all-staff meeting broadcast to 160,000 Apple employees worldwide, Cook noted that Apple’s medical insurance would come into effect to help cover costs incurred by workers who have to travel due to restrictions on access to abortion in Texas. The New York Times Obtained a recording of the employee-only meeting.

The state law has come into force earlier in September and it bans most abortions after a fetal heartbeat is detected, which can occur as early as six weeks pregnant. The law also pays legal fees of at least $ 10,000 to anyone who sues someone, such as a doctor or insurance professional, who “helps or encourages” an abortion after a heartbeat. is detected.

Cook also said Apple plans to help in the legal battle against the abortion law. The Biden administration sued Texas for the ban. A federal hearing is scheduled for October 1 to consider a temporary blocking of the ban.

Apple is one of the largest tech companies taking a stand on Texas reproductive rights policy. Hewlett-Packard Enterprise, Match Group (parent company of Tinder), Bumble dating app, and some small enterprises like online survey software company QuestionPro, are also committed to helping Texas-based employees who must travel to access abortion.


Horrified Twitter reactions after Supreme Court ruling on Texas abortion law

Software giant Salesforce has gone further by offering to pay workers and their families move out of state absolutely.

Rideshare companies Lyft and Uber have pledged to pay all legal fees for drivers sued for helping someone access an abortion. Other tech companies have interfered with the law in other ways, like the domain hosting service GoDaddy, shutting down the Texas abortion whistleblower website.

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Jadon Haselwood, Oklahoma WR | NFL Screening Report Sat, 18 Sep 2021 14:15:55 +0000

While Ohio State arguably has the two best receivers in the class, the Oklahoma Sooners also have a roster filled with pass catching prowess. Can Jadon Haselwood become not only Spencer Rattler’s No.1 target, but also a true NFL Draft perspective? The Oklahoma WR came to Norman with considerable reputation, but what does Haselwood’s screening report tell us about his potential in the NFL?

Jadon Haselwood NFL Draft Profile

  • Position: Wide receiver
  • The school: Oklahoma
  • Current year: Redshirt Second year
  • Height: 6’3 ″
  • Weight: 202 pounds

Podcast: Between hashes Note: This article continues after the podcast player. To subscribe to Between the Hashes with Tony Pauline and Cam Mellor, find us on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or your favorite podcast player.

Jadon Haselwood Recognition Report

Although 2021 has been a sluggish year for the program, Oklahoma has produced first-round receivers in two of the past three years. While CeeDee Lamb and Marquise Brown are the standard bearers, there have also been several midterm picks in this position in recent years. Can Haselwood join them in the 2022 NFL Draft?

Let’s start his spotting report with the most immediately appealing aspect – Cut.

At 6’3 ″ and 202 pounds, Haselwood matches the aesthetics of the contested modern catch receiver. He has a great physical body, and you had better believe that he isn’t afraid to use it. We’ll see how he uses him as a pass catcher soon, but that physicality comes with some added benefits.

There are repeated examples on tape where Haselwood is active as a blocker. It comes in both ground games and passing games. While Haselwood plays with physics in the ground game (helping to open up the race lanes down), he also mixes it up when he’s not on target as a receiver. A notable example comes from the Texas Tech 2019 game where he blocks a defender, allowing his teammate to gain more yards after the catch.

Physical as a pass catcher

Still, as a WR prospect in the NFL Draft, this scout report has to tell you what Haselwood is up to as a wide receiver. Well, the contested catches aren’t exactly the Oklahoma WR’s: 50/50 balls look more like 80/20 when Haselwood is involved.

Of course, his size and physique are part of it. However, Haselwood has strong hands, an impressive catch radius and excellent technique. In the games studied, he snatched the ball in the air over the limit and brought it back into his body several times.

Plus, his physique should mean he’ll have no problem getting over media coverage in the NFL. Haselwood also exhibits excellent footwork in his outings, allowing him to fail his defender.

Areas of improvement

While Haselwood has some impressive stuff in his scouting report, there are areas for improvement. There’s a reason the Oklahoma WR doesn’t often make it into the top tier of wide receivers in the 2022 NFL Draft.

There will, of course, be a red flag from an injury point of view. A torn ACL is a serious injury to overcome. Although players recover and play at an elite level, there is always a risk of respawning. Playing an injury-free season in 2021 will help alleviate those concerns.

Haselwood lacks elite long speed. The Oklahoma WR ran a 4.57-40 yard dash in high school. While it’s by no means slow, it won’t be a threat to speed in the NFL. He will not create a separation in the field by passing a defensive back.

This season, Haselwood could raise his stock steadily in his run. There are a few examples of crisp and exceptional routes on its strip. However, there are others where it ends at the top of the course. Regularity will be the order of the day.

Jadon Haselwood player profile

There have been great NFL Draft expectations on Haselwood’s shoulders from a young age. A physical and sensational monster at Cedar Grove High School, a first scouting report gives a glimpse of an exceptionally talented.

In a scouting report on his 247 Sports scout page, Haselwood is described as having first-round NFL draft potential. Comparisons are the bread and butter of analysis in the modern age, but being compared to Keenan Allen is not something to be taken lightly. Still, with the physical setting and elite ball skills demonstrated for Cedar Grove, it’s not hard to compare.

While his 744 receiving yards and 15 touchdowns between his freshman and junior season may seem relatively meager, Haselwood was the top wide receiver in a mostly running-based offense. The talent was there to see, and therefore, he was a five star recruit. In addition, he was the highest ranked WR in the country and the fourth best player in the country.

Naturally, Haselwood has captured the attention of all major college programs. Originally from Ellenwood, he joined Georgia in early 2017, ending his recruitment. However, he rescinded his commitment to the Bulldogs during a senior season where he racked up 1,032 yards and 11 touchdowns and won the All-American First Team honors from MaxPreps.

Despite that, Georgia remained in their last four before an All-American Game reveal. With a table of caps bearing the Georgia, Oklahoma, Tennessee and State of Florida logos, Haselwood announced his college destination on live television. He was heading towards Norman.

“Sometimes you have to get out of your comfort zone,” he beamed.

Haselwood Quarry in Oklahoma

With his physical presence and elite pass-detecting skills, Haselwood was ready for an immediate impact in Oklahoma. While some newcomers are slow to adjust to college football, the Oklahoma WR was good to go.

In his debut in the first game of the season against Houston, Haselwood landed 2 receptions for 46 yards. In Game 2 of the season, the Oklahoma WR got their first touchdown. Plus, he torched South Dakota for 78 yards on just 3 receptions. Against Texas Tech, Haselwood recorded a career-high 6 receptions while adding 59 yards to his resume.

Despite his early career success, Haselwood had just 19 receptions, 272 yards and 1 touchdown in his first season. However, with Lamb headed for the NFL Draft, there was a sense of expectation and excitement for Haselwood’s role in the Oklahoma WR Hall heading into his second season in 2020.

The road to the NFL Draft isn’t always smooth, and for Haselwood, disaster struck in the spring of 2020. In what has been described as a “freak accident” while at home, l ‘Oklahoma WR tore his ACL. Even at this early stage of the year, Haselwood was expected to lose his entire second season due to injury.

While overcoming adversity, is the best yet to come?

Seven months later, Haselwood was back with his teammates and ready to play against Kansas. The Oklahoma WR landed a 33-yard reception on their return to the field before reflecting on the time away from it.

“Those were tough times, but being there for my team makes up for lost time. To be back is a good thing.

However, it wasn’t all sun and rainbows for Haselwood. He would miss the next game against Oklahoma State and only played two more games for the remainder of the year. Oklahoma WR was absent for the Cotton Bowl victory over Florida, citing personal reasons.

Once considered the nation’s top receiver, Haselwood started his third season in Oklahoma with just 337 yards and 1 touchdown on his resume. Although marked by injuries and obstacles, his career to date has not lived up to his potential. Still.

“I mean, we see the reviews and the stats but a lot of things we can’t control,” the Oklahoma WR told media in the spring. “I’m sure the world will see what this unit can do.”

Sport on TV: Saturday, September 18, 2021 Sat, 18 Sep 2021 07:14:44 +0000

Saturday, September 18
(All Eastern hours)
Schedule subject to change and / or breakdowns

7:30 p.m.
NBCSN – NASCAR Cup Series: Bass Pro Shops Night Race, Round of 16 Playoffs, Bristol Motor Speedway, Bristol, Tenn.
11 o’clock in the evening
FS2 – MotoAmerica Superbike: Day 1, Barber Motorsports Park, Birmingham, Ala. (Checked in)
11:30 p.m.
NBCSN – IndyCar Series: Qualifying, WeatherTech Raceway Laguna Seca, Salinas, CA (Recorded)
7:00 p.m.
FS1 – PBC Fight Night: Jose Valenzuela vs. Deiner Berrio (lightweight), Bakersfield, California.
WPXT – Merrimack in Maine
ABC – Michigan St. in Miami
ACCN – Albany in Syracuse
BTN – N. Illinois in Michigan
CBSSN – UConn to the military
ESPN – Cincinnati to Indiana
ESPN2 – Coastal Carolina in Buffalo
ESPNU – Boston College at Temple
FOX – Nebraska to Oklahoma
FS1 – Virginia Tech in West Virginia
NBCSN – Hampton vs. Howard, Washington
SECN – New Mexico at Texas A&M
1:00 p.m.
PAC-12N – Minnesota, Colorado
2:30 p.m.
NBC – Purdue in Notre Dame
3:30 p.m.
ABC – Georgia Tech in Clemson
BTN – Kent St. in Iowa
CBS – Alabama Florida
CBSSN – SMU at Louisiana Tech
ESPN – Florida St. at Wake Forest
FOX – Southern Cal to Washington St.
FS1 – Tulsa to Ohio St.
4:00 p.m.
ACCN – Northwest to Duke
ESPN2 – Mississippi St. in Memphis
ESPNU – Colorado St. in Toledo
SECN – Georgia Southern in Arkansas
4:15 p.m.
PAC-12N – Arkansas St. to Washington
7:00 p.m.
CBSSN – Utah to San Diego St.
ESPN – South Carolina to Georgia
7:30 p.m.
ABC – Auburn to Penn St.
ACCN – Virginia North Carolina
FS2 – Utah St. to Air Force
PAC-12N – Stony Brook in Oregon
SECN – Central Michigan at LSU
8 p.m.
ESPN2 – Tulane, Mississippi
ESPNU – Stanford to Vanderbilt
9:00 p.m.
FS1 – Oklahoma St. to Boise St.
10:15 p.m.
ESPN – Arizona St. at BYU
10:30 p.m.
CBSSN – Iowa St. to UNLV
10:45 p.m.
PAC-12N – Fresno Street at UCLA
12:30 a.m. (Sunday)
FS1 – San Jose St. in Hawaii
8 p.m.
BTN – Louisville, Nebraska
GOLF – EPGA Tour: The Dutch Open, third round, Bernardus golf course, Cromvoirt, The Netherlands
3 p.m.
GOLF – LPGA Tour: The Cambia Portland Classic, Round Three, Columbia Edgewater Country Club, Portland, Ore.
6:00 p.m.
GOLF – PGA Tour: Fortinet Championship, third round, Silverado Country Club; North Course, Napa, CA
9:30 p.m.
GOLF – PGA Tour Champions: The Sanford Invitational, Second Round, Minnehaha Country Club, Sioux Falls, SD (Recorded)
1:00 p.m.
FS2 – NYRA: America’s Day on the Races
5:30 p.m.
NBCSN – Breeders’ Cup Challenge Series: The Woodbine Mile, Woodbine Racetrack, Toronto
10:00 p.m.
SHO – Bellator 266: Yoel Romero vs. Phil Davis (light-heavyweight), San Jose, California.
1:00 p.m.
NESN – Baltimore to Boston
MLBN – Cleveland to the NY Yankees
4:00 p.m.
MLBN – Detroit to Tampa Bay OR Colorado to Washington
7:00 p.m.
FOX – Philadelphia at New York Mets OR Chicago Cubs at Milwaukee
10:00 p.m.
MLBN – Atlanta to San Francisco (joined in progress)
FS2 – NRL Playoffs: Penrith v Parramatta, semi-final, South Mackay, Australia
NBCSN – Premier League: Brentford v Wolverhampton
10:00 a.m.
NBCSN – Premier League: Arsenal at Burnley
United States – Premier League: Southampton to Manchester City
12:30 p.m.
NBC – Premier League: Everton at Aston Villa
1 h (Sunday)
NBCSN – Liga MX: Pachuca to Guadalajara (Recorded)
TENNIS – Luxembourg-WTA, Portoroz-WTA, Semi-finals

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