Evan Mobley Papa: Who is Eric Mobley? Professional basketball career + wife

American basketball fans have heard of Evan mobley for a long time. They heard he was like the best players in the world, Kareem Abdul Jabar, Kevin garnett, Kevin Durant and Giannis Antetokounmpo, but all in one great man.

There are at least three people in Evan Mobley’s life who really know him. His brother, Isaiah Mobley, taught him to be hard on basketball court long one-to-one afternoon sessions in the aisle. His mom, Nicole Mobley, taught him to stay focused on school, to stay balanced while dominating youth basketball. His father, Eric Mobley, taught him the power of a left-handed hook, the devastation of an ambidextrous seven-footer.

Evan Mobley is heading to the NBA, but he’s not the only one. His older brother will eventually join him, as will their father before them. Evan Mobley’s dad was never an NBA star, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t a basketball pro.

Eric Mobley, Evan Mobley’s father

Evan Mobley’s mother, Nicol mobley, is a caring elementary school teacher. When she attended Mount Carmel High School in San Diego, she was far from kind at basketball games. She led her high school basketball team to a state championship. She then married a college basketball player.

Eric Mobley, like his wife, has long loved basketball. He collegially played at Portland and Cal Poly Pomona. Professionally he has played in international leagues, taking him from Portugal to Indonesia. This is not the same Eric Mobley selected in the first round of the 1994 NBA Draft by the Milwaukee Bucks, who died this year.

At the end of Eric’s professional basketball career, he switched to training. He eventually found success with his local AAU team, the Compton Magic. His experience with AAU helped him land a job at the University of Southern California assistant coach in 2018.

His two five-star sons who play basketball have also helped the coaching staff to hire, but that’s perfectly fine. legal in the NCAA. Soon after Mobley’s hiring, his eldest son, Isaiah Mobley, a five stars power attacker, committed to the Trojans. The same was always expected of Isaiah’s younger brother, Evan Mobley.

Evan Mobley’s basketball career

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Like his brother Isaiah, Evan Mobley was born in San Diego, California, but raised in Murietta, California, north of Temecula. The two brothers played AAU ball and played on the court at Rancho Christian High School.

Evan won the Gatorade California Player of the Year two years in a row, the only player to do so since Jrue Holiday, who just won the NBA Finals with the Milwaukee Bucks. The seven-foot center soared like an Atlanta Hawk above his high school basketball rivals, steadily slamming dunks at his smaller opponents. Evan chose to play college basketball at USC on Washington and the University of California, Los Angeles, rival of Crosstown. Both teams went far in the subsequent NCAA tournament playoffs.

A five star male basketball rookie (just like his brother), Mobley was the highest rated rookie in USC basketball history. He played his unique season in Pasadena during the coronavirus pandemic, preventing fans from seeing the Mobley Show live and in person. It’s a shame, because Mobley has had an incredible season.

According to The Undefeated, Mobley is the first player to win all major individual Pac-12 awards in the same season: player of the year, defensive player of the year and freshman of the year.

the All-American consensus, alongside head coach Andy Enfield, led the Trojans deep into the NCAA March Madness. After having conquered Kansas and Oregon, the USC Trojans fell to the Gonzaga Bulldogs, the eventual finalist.

Evan Mobley NBA Draft

Both Isaiah and Evan Mobley declared himself for the 2021 NBA Draft, although Isaiah later decided to stay at USC for one more season. CBSSports Evan plans to go to Houston rockets at n ° 2, behind Cade cunningham but in front of G-Leaguer Jalen Green. ESPN had Evan at No. 3, behind Cunningham and Green, and Isaiah at No. 86, deep in the fourth lap.

Evan Mobley is about to become a household name (if he hasn’t already), and he can thank his basketball-loving parents for helping him through the process.

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