Emma Shields concludes an excellent basketball career at Emma Willard

Emma Shields is a senior forward for Emma Willard’s women’s basketball team.

Shields had 22 points, 10 rebounds, five steals and three assists Friday in a 58-51 loss at South Glens Falls in the Class A sections. McDonald’s, scored her 1,000th career point in Friday’s game with an assist from younger sister Audrey Shields.

A starter for four years, Shields is set to continue her playing career at Division I Lafayette.

Q: How did you find Emma Willard?

A: My mom actually got a teaching job there when I was in sixth grade. After that year we moved to campus and in ninth grade I started going.

Q: I have always found Emma Willard to be a fascinating school. What was your experience there?

A: Surprising. I loved every second of it. The school culture is great and it has really helped me become the person I am. Academically and with basketball, it really helped me become a more confident person.

Q: Have you already chosen a major?

A: Not yet. I’m pretty sure I want to major in government law, but I haven’t made a final decision yet.

Q: We came to the end of your college career on Friday. I know that’s not the conclusion you envision, so what does reaching 1,000 career points mean to you?

A: It was always a goal for me to get this, even if it was the end. I am very happy that I was able to achieve this. I think it was also cool that my sister got the assist on that basket.

Q: The COVID situation over the past year has been difficult for so many athletes, especially in sports such as wrestling and indoor track. How difficult was it for you to see a large part of your junior season wiped out?

A: It was hard. We played about 10 games. It was weird not having sections or something like that. We started late and that was an adjustment too. Weird situation, but still grateful to have been able to have a few games and some basketball.

Q: I have to believe there are plenty of Section II coaches out there who would love to have you as a point guard to break the press. People often look at a 6-foot-3 player like you and only think of them for rebounding, blocking shots and scoring inside. How proud are you of this element of your game and all the different aspects you bring to the floor?

A: I am especially proud of my versatility. I was lucky growing up to have coaches who really taught me the basics of goalkeeping. Having that in my skill set really helped me.

Q: Have they already established in Lafayette in which position you will play?

A: I will be lying forward.

Q: What brought you to basketball?

A: We are definitely a basketball family. My dad (Jim Shields) played at the University of Richmond and he was a pro in Europe for a long time, so I’ve always known basketball for as long as I can remember. I have always been a basketball player. I tried other sports when I was younger, but always came back to basketball. I love basketball. It has always been sport for me.

Q: Did you have fun playing basketball in Section II and competing at Emma Willard?

A: We have a truly unique experience there. During my four years we played against A, B, C and D class teams. We really saw a wide range of competitions and players. I enjoyed the overall experience of these different clashes. It’s also great the relationships I had with my teammates. We are all very close because some of them were boarders. We were always together, so we have a very good bond on the pitch and off the pitch.

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