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When Rock Island High School senior Amarion Nimmers lost a school-high 45 points to Dubuque Hempstead on Jan. 11, he had no idea the University of Iowa basketball coach, Fran McCaffery was in the stands.

“I was pretty exhausted that night because we had that big game against Moline the night before,” Nimmers said. “I didn’t even know he was there until I had an interview…and I was pretty shocked.

“It’s just a life lesson. You always have to go strong no matter what because you never know who’s watching.

McCaffery wasn’t there for Nimmers, but Rocky’s point guard made sure he stood out. And weeks after the season ended, McCaffery invited Nimmers on a visit to Iowa City, which eventually led to a commitment to the Big Ten Conference school as his favorite date.

“He actually brought up the game that I had 45 points and we kind of laughed about it,” Nimmers said. “It was pretty funny how he ended up there.”

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The trip went very well and Nimmers was not only surprised by the school, but also by the way the players and coaches treated each other. It was these relationships that made Nimmers feel comfortable with the program.

“I was really impressed when I arrived on campus,” Nimmers said. “It was a beautiful college town. We went around the whole school and they showed me all the little things. I met many people who worked at the school. Everyone had a positive attitude and greeted me properly.

“I loved how the coaches and players interacted with me when they first met me. They treated me like I was already in the team once I took my visit. I could tell the players and the coaches all cared about each other. You don’t see too many teams like that. They treat you like family.

Nimmers visited the University of Illinois the next day, but Iowa called a few days later to let him know he had an opportunity to join the team and potentially make an impact. The possibility of winning a scholarship and gaining playing time quickly excited Nimmers.

“I was very grateful for the opportunity they gave me, and I know I can have a really big impact,” Nimmers said. “I was actually at home when I heard the news. I was just very happy.

Nimmers will join an Iowa team that has won 20 games in four consecutive seasons, including NCAA Tournament appearances in 2019, 2021 and 2022. Last season, Iowa won its first Big Tournament title. 10 Conference since 2006.

“It means a lot to play in the Big 10,” Nimmers said. “I grew up being an Iowa Hawkeye fan. I mean, I never thought I could have a chance to play in the Big 10. It really is a dream come true and it still is. kinda unbelievable to me. I’m in a great situation.

“I’m still trying to take it all in. I’m only 55 minutes from home and I have a lot of family up there, a lot of support. So even outside of basketball, I feel very at home. I know I can succeed on and off the pitch.

One of the things that brought Nimmers and Iowa together was his style of play. Guard Rocky averaged 23.9 points per game, the most in the Western Big 6 Conference for the second straight season. His ability to fly the field, as well as his driving and 3-point shooting prowess, fit well with the identity of the Hawkeyes.

“(Fran) McCaffrey and (Courtney) Eldridge told me on the visit, and I knew ahead of time, that they like to play really fast and get the ball up the court,” Nimmers said. “(McCaffery) told me that my game could fit in perfectly with their game.

“That’s why I chose Iowa. I felt like it suited me perfectly. I feel like I can bring my athletic abilities to the table and help them in different ways. I can mark in different ways. »

That scoring potential from any part of the field helped Nimmers take Rock Island to its first game for the Division title since 2013 last season. Nimmers received second-team Class 3A AP All-State honors after breaking Rocky’s single-season scoring record last season with 744 points.

Nimmers was second in school history in points after breaking the 1,000-point mark in January and won the dunk contest in the Iowa-Illinois Senior All-Star Game the last time he played. wore the Rock Island jersey with a 360 degree eye opening between the legs. soak.

“My time at Rock Island was very special and I wouldn’t have wanted to play for any other high school,” Nimmers said. “I had two different coaches and both came and welcomed me and helped me be a leader.”

The next goal Nimmers wants to accomplish is to take the success he had in high school and replicate it in Iowa City.

“I want to be successful both on and off the pitch,” Nimmers said. “That’s why I chose this school. It is an excellent program for basketball, but also for school. I’m looking to go into first grade and have a big impact, but also have a big impact in the classroom. I just do the same thing I did in high school and pursued it in college – work hard at everything I do.

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