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Baker Jack Phillips talks to the media after oral argument in the Masterpiece Cakeshop v Colorado Civil Rights Commission Supreme Court case in Washington, DC, December 5, 2017. (Aaron P. Bernstein / Reuters)

The Colorado baker continues to fight for religious freedom and to win. His example shows that Americans can be persuaded on this issue.

Yesor Colorado government may remember seven year crusade to destroy Masterpiece Cake Shop owner Jack Phillips after the baker refused to design a specialty cake for David Mullins and Charlie Craig’s gay wedding ceremony in 2012 – this, before gay marriage was even legalized in Colorado or recognized by federal courts.

After years of tax and personal struggles, Phillips was finally vindicated by a 2018 Supreme Court decision who concluded that Colorado civil rights commissioners had shown “a clear and unacceptable hostility to sincere religious beliefs” in their efforts to punish him for thought crimes – which was a gracious way of pointing out that some disturbed members of the commission had assimilated Phillips to a Nazi and segregationist simply because he wouldn’t let two bullies and the Colorado government coerce him into designing a cake.

Then again, the court ruling, while widely celebrated by conservatives, only partially addressed the issue of the free exercise of faith in the face of threats, leaving the lower courts to determine the intentions of the bureaucrats who hunt down religious Americans, rather than relying on plain language. of the First Amendment. Commissioners will simply avoid saying the ugly part out loud in the future. And few Americans will have the financial means to resist a government that can annihilate their life’s work in a matter of months.

Even with that victory, Phillips was soon back in court, this time defending his decision not to bake a special transition-themed cake in 2017. A transgender activist named Autumn Scardina, who is also believed to have request Phillips for making “a picture of Satan smoking marijuana,” “Satan’s Church” and “a three-tier white cake” with a “large figure of Satan licking a nine-inch black dildo,” filed a complaint . Instead of starting the whole cycle over with the same person, Colorado dismissed the majority of the charges.

Rather than appeal the Commission’s dismissal, Scardina sued for $ 100,000 in damages, fines and attorney’s fees. A district court heard the arguments Last week.

For the sin of being one of the first Americans to resist this new cultural imperialism, Phillips will likely be harassed to the grave. But if you think these battles aren’t worth fighting, or if you think the trajectory of the problem is unstoppable, Phillips (and others like him) have proven the critics wrong. And not just because their positions can spur the courts to uphold the right to religious freedom against the mob, but because minds can change.

A new range survey conducted by the Public Religion Research Institute (PRRI) found that while a large majority of Americans still support “protections against LGBTQ discrimination,” nearly four in ten now believe that “denial of service” to LGBTQ people is business owners say serving them violates their religious beliefs is good – and the intensity of those who oppose “denial” of service has diminished.

“Support for LGBT rights continues to be strong and widespread in all 50 states. The questions which, in the recent past, have delimited the main political and religious loopholes now find broad agreement ”. said Robert P. Jones, CEO and Founder of PRRI. “However, this landmark survey also reveals some erosion in opposition to allowing business owners to refuse to serve gays and lesbians because of their religious beliefs.”

Why does Jones think the movement in the polls is an “erosion” rather than a “renaissance” in understanding the proper role of religious freedom or a “growth” in the belief that there can be a peaceful coexistence between Americans with different worldviews? Well, because his poll – and all of its wording of the question – is misleading and intended to elicit a negative opinion from Americans like Jack Phillips.

For example, in most – if not all – high-profile religious freedom cases, the store owner does not “deny” anyone the “service.” This scenario is an invention of LBGT activists, regurgitated by the press and activist pollsters. Phillips refused to take orders from a couple who walked into his bakery and demanded that he create a unique product just for them with a message contradicting his faith. He didn’t ask them if they were gay or transgender, and he never “turned down” service to anyone – in fact, he went out of his way to offer Mullins and Craig products in his shop. shop. Phillips also wouldn’t have created a cake to celebrate gay marriage or a transitional celebration – or Satan indulging in fellatio – for straight couples. There are a bunch of stores nearby that will do this.

Do most Americans really believe that store owners should be slaves to the whims of those who enter their establishments? If PRRI were to ask Americans the honest question – something like, “Should godly clerics be forced to create unique products with messages that conflict with their beliefs simply because the person claiming it is gay or transgender?” in the PRRI poll would be much more dramatic. This is why PRRI is not asking the right question.

If Colorado’s state-sponsored persecution couldn’t break Phillips, the continued harassment he faces is unlikely to make him surrender. But it’s also worth remembering that Phillips, whether he knows it or not, has fought not only to honor his faith and save his business, but also for everyone who values ​​religious freedom in America.

David Harsanyi is a senior writer for National review and the author of First Freedom: A Tour Through America’s Enduring History With The Gun.

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Roles Are LGBTQ, But Movies Are Not About Self-Discovery Thu, 11 Mar 2021 05:08:46 +0000

After going through decades of stereotyping as villains or tragic characters, lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender characters often ended up being locked into a relatively limited range of storylines involving some form of coming out, sexual arousal, or emotional arousal. to self-discovery. gender identity.

Some of these stories spawned artistically accomplished films, of course, and they provided much needed advice, hope, and relief to viewers. At the same time, LGBTQ characters are well able to tackle the wide range of storytelling challenges usually offered to their heterosexual or cisgender counterparts.

The last decade has seen a wave of films that have eschewed narratives of self-discovery and propelled these characters in wonderfully complicated directions. In honor of Pride Month, here are nine worth checking out.

Very funny drama by Golden Globe winner Lisa Cholodenko captures the seemingly mundane domesticity in a generous and discreetly sour manner. Annette Bening and Julianne Moore’s Nic and Jules live normal, upper-middle-class lives with their teenage children, but the idyllic family portrait shows cracks – which only get worse after the children (Mia Wasikowska and Josh Hutcherson) have found their father as a sperm donor. (Mark Ruffalo). When the family unit ends up circling the wagons, the film subtly makes us think about the very meaning of conformism.

Post it on HBO; buy or rent on Amazon Prime, Fandango Now, iTunes, Vudu, and YouTube.


A brief summary of Drama by Ira Sachs reveals the plot points that once haunted moralistic and homophobic novels and films about gay life: promiscuity, addiction, lies, anomie – look at these poor people! But Sachs follows the evolution of the relationship between two messy men with a clear eye and a compassionate heart. Erik (Thure Lindhardt) and Paul (Zachary Booth) are not types but imperfect humans, groping under circumstances informed by their mirth but also separate from it. The film’s haunting soundtrack, assembled from tracks by Arthur russell.

Post it on Amazon prime and Sundance now; buy or rent from iTunes, Vudu, and YouTube.


“I promise, no drama,” says Sin-Dee (Kitana Kiki Rodriguez). Her best friend, Alexandra (Mya Taylor), can only roll her eyes: Sin-Dee runs over the drama, as if it were a source of renewable energy. The couple, both transgender, spend a day zigzagging through Los Angeles on foot, by bus, subway and cab in Sean Baker’s brilliantly made high-octane. “Mandarin.” The film is constructed as a growing farce, rich in visual gags, and backed up by machine gun dialogue worthy of the best face-to-face comedies – albeit much more brutal. And there is so much heart. The foreigners who populate the film are too often laughed at, or worse; here they are allowed to forge complicated bonds which do not minimize harsh realities but allow warmth and mutual support.

Post it on Hulu; buy or rent on Amazon Prime, Fandango Now, iTunes, Vudu, and YouTube.

In a strange land out of time and place, Cynthia (Sidse Babett Knudsen) and Evelyn (Chiara D’Anna) lead a warm domestic life punctuated by elaborate scenarios of domination and submission. Evelyn’s perverse demands, however, begin to piss off Cynthia. This is the whole plot of the spellbinding third feature film by British filmmaker Peter Strickland, which occupies a niche of its own: the fetishistic fairy tale of lesbian lepidopterists. Combining detached precision and dreamy haze – the neo-psychedelic score resembles a third major character – the film scrutinizes the fine shifts in power dynamics between women with surprisingly effective touches of deadpan humor.

Post it on Hulu; buy or rent on Amazon Prime, iTunes and YouTube.


There are two pairs from May to December in Paul Weitz’s comedy about getting old and carry on with life. The first is between the blunt, quick-witted poet Elle (Lily Tomlin) and sweet Olivia (Judy Greer). The second, more developed, is actually more from February to December and connects Elle and her teenage granddaughter, Sage (Julia Garner), who needs $ 600 for an abortion. So much could go wrong in Her and the Sage’s one-day odyssey to raise the money, but Weitz never gives in to easy drama and continually thwarts our expectations – the movie is always funny, but you can also. find yourself stifling a few tears.

Buy or rent on Amazon Prime, Fandango Now, iTunes, Vudu, and YouTube.


Marina’s partner Orlando dies of an aneurysm just after her birthday. As if that wasn’t upsetting enough, she doesn’t have the luxury of crying properly: her family are determined to deny her very identity, and the police even try to criminalize her. You see, Marina (Daniela Vega) is transgender. Add a certain age difference with Orlando, and their relationship automatically becomes suspect in the eyes of the judgment. The film is never heartbreaking yet extremely moving and, refreshingly, Chilean director Sebastián Lelio and his star do not make Marina a heroic activist. “A fantastic woman” is the portrait of an individual who fights quietly, stubbornly for his humanity.

Buy or Rent on Amazon Prime, Fandango Now, iTunes, Vudu, and YouTube.

For their first birthday, Jackie (Hannah Emily Anderson) brought his wife, Jules (Brittany Allen), to her childhood home by the lake. Viewers, of course, know better than to relax: The film’s theme song includes the recurring lyrics “There’s a Demon Inside.” Written and directed by Colin Minihan, “What keeps you alive” is an efficient and economical thriller in which a celebration of love turns into a bloody nightmare. Psychopathy, it turns out, is an equal opportunity affliction that doesn’t care about sexual orientation – although having the primary relationship in a horror movie is lesbian nicely distorts the addiction. gender on the often tense interaction between men and women.

Post it on Show time; buy or rent on Amazon Prime, iTunes, Vudu, and YouTube.


From the memoir of forger Lee Israel, The lovely film by Marielle Heller has a lot to offer, including the way he acutely revisits the couple of a supportive gay best friend and a charismatic woman. Here, Richard E. Grant’s Jack Hock is the gadfly, often unreliable confidant of Melissa McCarthy’s Lee, a clumsy lesbian saddled with a cat, frustrated desires and thwarted literary ambitions. This description of Lee is only partially correct, however, because like in the best movies, “Can you forgive me?” has compassion for his imperfect protagonist. Lee is a complicated character who is not traditionally “likable” but who is endlessly convincing – she is witty and intelligent, and makes bad choices for good reasons. You never support her.

Buy it on Amazon Prime, Fandango Now, iTunes, Vudu, and YouTube.


Anne de Vanessa Paradis is obsessed with Lois (Kate Moran), the woman who left her. “Love me! Love me!” Anne moans under the pouring rain. If the scene is a bit dramatic, rest assured that it barely scratches the surface of The film about bananas by Yann Gonzalez. We’re in a fantasy version of late 1970s hedonism, and Anne directs gay porn movies as a masked serial killer dumps gruesome trash on his actors – his weapons include a switchblade dildo . Gonzalez was clearly influenced by the highly stylized lyrical violence of Mario Bava and Dario Argento, but his eerie horror seems very now rather than retro fetish.

Post it on Shudder; buy or rent on Amazon Prime, Mubi and iTunes.

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Jason Whitlock’s sexist feedback on Maria Taylor, ESPN’s Katie Nolan, earn her the web’s effectively deserved Thu, 11 Mar 2021 05:08:46 +0000

I strongly imagine in defending my vitality, so to that finish Jason Whitlock doesn’t exist in my universe. In any respect. All too usually, nevertheless, Jason Whitlock Jason Whitlocks –and take a look at how i can ignore her distinctive model of clowning, I’ve no selection however to confess his black nonsense.

On Sunday, the person who as soon as referred to as LeBron James a “bigot” who “promotes racism“and”incites violence with its false racial narratives”, Posted a publish (which I will not hyperlink to as a result of it would not get clicks from me) during which he stated a bunch of extremely sexist bullshit about his former ESPN colleagues Katie Nolan and Maria Taylor. Extra exactly, he declared that Taylor received her gig on ESPN as a result of she’s “tall and enticing and fairly likeable on tv” and that Nolan’s magnificence “makes tv executives, bloggers, and journalists intoxicated, and that masks a scarcity of ‘achievement, {qualifications} and expertise.’

“The sweetness reworked Katie Nolan from bartender right into a seven-figure Emmy Award-winning persona and the darling of attractive bloggers and TV critics prepared to disregard her pedestrian humor and incapability to carry out dwell tv,” a- he writes.

Did I point out that is from the sports activities equal of Tekashi 6ix9ine? A person whose whole profession is predicated both on outright trolling or on denigrate one’s personal folks as a substitute of even demonstrating the the smallest diploma of aptitude or precise sporting expertise? Who the hell is he to name no person for truly doing their job, versus what you name it getting a test?

The person is a serial clown, and as soon as Twitter discovered he had come for Nolan and Taylor, they have been very proud to tear up the identical man who appears to be hiding pickles below his tongue.

Nolan even received into the motion herself earlier than going non-public, Tweeter: “You’re * so shut * to creating an actual level on the expectation of girls not solely to be good at their job but in addition to be stunning, however actual factors do not pay the payments, eh. Maintain that very same vitality the following time I see you. “

This led Whitlock to double down on his authentic sentiment and publish one other column on Monday (nonetheless not receiving clicks from me) during which he dismissed Nolan as a “KarenWho profited from the “fraud of the social justice warriors who run the sports activities media and blogosphere.”

The world could be a a lot better place if he simply shut it down. However since he is decided to do the other, we might all be higher off if we collectively ignore his ass – similar to Tekashi 6ix9ine.

So let me get again to doing simply that.

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The Cyberpunk 2077 perk you must completely keep away from Thu, 11 Mar 2021 05:08:46 +0000

There’s a parcel perks that you could purchase to your character in Cyberpunk 2077, permitting you to customise your model of V to fit your playstyle and the way you wish to method the sport. Nonetheless, there may be one perk you completely should keep away from – not less than at first of the sport when making an attempt to earn cash. This perk is known as “Scrapper”, and it’ll steal you.

You could find the Scrapper perk underneath the Tech Capability attribute within the Crafting ability tree. At first it appears fairly helpful. Scrapper permits you to mechanically break down undesirable objects into crafting elements. Cyberpunk 2077 is suffering from issues which might be thought-about “junk,” like outdated vinyl data, ashtrays, card packs, lighters, and dildos. (It must be famous {that a} latest replace seems to have considerably lowered the variety of dildos showing within the sport. For some time, nevertheless, there have been so many. From. Dildos.)

A lot of the junk you discover in Night time Metropolis are actually junk, and should you take a look at them in your backpack you will discover that they’re just about nugatory. Most junk objects will web you round 3 Eurodollars (or “whirlwinds” in Night time Metropolis parlance), so they don’t seem to be well worth the effort you’d spend choosing them up and hauling them to a vendor to unload them. On a associated observe, you may suppose Scrapper sounds nice, as a result of you may immediately break down junk you do not really need, and that approach it would not litter your backpack, weighing down your character ( actually, as a result of should you get too … crowded with the stuff you are carrying, you will not be capable to get round shortly).

You’re improper, nevertheless, as Scrapper will steal cash for you, particularly at a time when being profitable is essential.

Whereas that is uncommon, typically you will discover undesirable objects value effectively over 3 Whirlpools. Some jewels that you could loot from enemies or discover scattered round buildings are categorized as trash, however they’re extraordinarily useful, going as much as 750 whirlwinds should you can promote them. Since Cyberpunk calls these junk objects, they’re mechanically disassembled like an ashtray or dildo, and all of these swirls disappear for a handful of actually low cost crafting supplies. Particularly in act 1 and the primary half of act 2 the whirlpools are fairly massive – you’ll have to save a bit, as a result of there’s a story mission that requires you to pay a big sum, over 20,000 whirlpools. , to advance it.

Don’t select this benefit.

Most cyberware upgrades are additionally fairly costly, and you will want the whirlwind for these. Cyberware adjustments the best way Cyberpunk 2077 performs fairly considerably – for instance, buying the double-hop skill unlocks a whole lot of choices in any other case unattainable in Night time Metropolis.

In the meantime, the Scrapper benefit is sort of ineffective. You possibly can safely skip crafting more often than not in Cyberpunk, except you actually wish to lean into it. Even should you do, nevertheless, the crafting supplies you get aren’t actually helpful. So this can be a perk that largely does extra hurt than good, however you will not know till after you unlock it.

So save your perk factors and get one thing higher than Scrapper. It’d appear to be it saves you time, however it would really rob you of a simple strategy to earn cash quick. The prices of this profit far outweigh the advantages.

We have got a lot extra Cyberpunk 2077 protection that can assist you out all through the sport – you’ll want to learn our , and verify , , , , and our overviews of the place to seek out iconic weapons and the perfect cyberware within the sport.

Now playing: Cyberpunk 2077: what I want to know before playing

GameSpot may earn a commission on retail offers.

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Membership Berkowitz members hope to steer the state Thu, 11 Mar 2021 05:08:46 +0000

The Democratic candidates and politicians in workplace in Anchorage are amongst many liberal donors to the 2017-18 marketing campaign of Ethan Berkowitz, the now disgraced mayor of Anchorage, whose final day is Friday.

Whereas making a donation to Berkowitz, the mayor was finishing his first time period in Anchorage. He went to fundraisers. He spoke at rallies. He was the warrior mayor of social justice, the politician who will now not even reply questions from his pals on the Each day Information from Anchorage.

And Berkowitz was already deeply in a sexting relationship with a reporter, Maria Athens, though he could have been in a sexting relationship with a minimum of one different reporter, Should learn Alaska has realized.

There have been dozens of nude pictures of Berkowitz on Athens cellphone, in response to somebody who noticed them earlier this month. The pictures embrace these of a well-used pink dildo that individuals known as “PeeEthan”.

The connection, as Berkowitz explains, occurred “a number of years in the past,” and was only a “message,” however truly went from a minimum of 2016 to 2017 and presumably later. , in response to MRAK sources. A personal investigator is now on the path to uncover the actual nature of the connection. There’s way more than what folks know.

You would say that Mayor Berkowitz was in mattress with the press protecting him. As the highest elected official of the Democratic Occasion in Alaska, he was properly on his technique to working for governor in 2022; “Was” is the important thing phrase right here.

Though the cellphone message Athens left on Berkowitz’s answering machine categorically states that she is going to kill him and his spouse, a risk that’s a minimum of a Class C crime, the police didn’t cost her with the crime of terrorist threats. Such an accusation would lead to Berkowitz being known as to the witness stand and having to disclose the character of their relationship. Even when withdrawing, he’s protected by the police and district attorneys.

The Democratic chief has 1000’s of individuals in his inside circle who have been instrumental in his rise to energy, however these presently in workplace or making an attempt to rise to greater workplace embrace:

Stephen Trimble, working in opposition to Sara Rasmussen for Home District 22. He donated $ 500 to Ethan in 2018. Trimble is posing as a bogus unbiased, however with Democrats backing.

Suzanne LaFrance, Home District 28 candidate in opposition to Republican James Kaufman, donated $ 200 in 2017.

Matt Claman, Outgoing Democrat of District 21, donated $ 250 in 2017 and $ 250 in 2018.

Forrest dunbar, present Meeting member for Anchorage mayor, donated $ 50 to Berkowitz in 2017 and $ 50 in 2018.

Andy Holleman, working in opposition to Senator Josh Revak for the M Senate seat, donated $ 100 in 2017 and $ 100 in 2018.

Austin Quinn-Davidson, The brand new appearing mayor of Anchorage donated $ 100 in 2017.

Ivy Spohnholz, District 16 holder, donated $ 100 in 2017.

Liz Snyder, working in opposition to Rep Lance Pruitt for Home District 27, donated $ 50 in 2018.

Harriet Drummond, District 18 holder, donated $ 100 in 2017.

John Weddleton, Meeting member, donated $ 500 in 2017.

Chris Fixed, Meeting member, donated $ 500 in 2018.

Eric Croft, candidate for mayor of Anchorage, gave $ 500 in 2017 and $ 250 in 2018.

Zack Fields, District 20 holder, donated $ 150 in 2017 and $ 500 in 2018.

Elvi Grey-Jackson, holder of the seat of Senate I, donated $ 100 in 2017.

Allyse galvin donated in 2017 and 2018. She is attending Congress.

Depth sounder Ivan Moore donated $ 500 in 2018.

Scott Kendall, who heads the Recall Dunleavy committee, donated $ 250 in 2018. His spouse additionally donated.

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AbsoluteBlack launches new graphene-infused chain lubricant at $ 150 a bottle Thu, 11 Mar 2021 05:08:46 +0000 AbsoluteBlack, an organization that has turn out to be well-known for its oval chainrings, has launched a series lubricant that makes use of graphene which they imagine makes it the market chief.

AbsoluteBlack’s first lubricant took two years of analysis and several other of their very own patents have been obtained earlier than it was launched to market. The model new wax-based chain lubricant known as GRAPHENlube is claimed by the model to be each the quickest and most sturdy lubricant on this planet and it’s also, curiously, utterly black when utilized to your. chain.

It took us two years to search out the best ratio of crumpled to non-crumpled graphene, the dimensions of the graphene platelets, the dispersion fee of the agglomerates, the focus and at last to find out a low friction hydrocarbon emulsion base that may stay. very lengthy on the chain and doesn’t flake off as paraffin wax is understood. The tip result’s a lubricant that, in a single utility, will face up to lower than 5 watts of friction loss over a distance of 900 km.AbsoluteBlack

Absolute Black makes no effort with its claims on this one and has posted the video under which compares the lubricant on to Muc Off’s hydrodynamic lubricant, which was developed with Crew Sky and in addition claims to be one of the best available in the market when it comes to effectivity.
AbsoluteBlack claims its new product is an “aqueous, hydrocarbon-based, graphene-containing emulsion that reveals extraordinary sturdiness in a single utility whereas sustaining extremely low friction for an prolonged time frame in moist and dry situations.” When producing the brand new chain lubricant, AbsoluteBlack has ensured that it’s utterly free from probably dangerous solvents and is straightforward to use as a liquid, however it’s going to turn out to be strong because it dries within the chain. The aim of this solidification is to permit it to turn out to be extra immune to washing out with water or contamination by different supplies throughout your hike.

So it could prevent watts, however will it prevent pennies? Completely not. GRAPHENlube is at present solely produced in small numbers and can solely be obtainable for a restricted time after every batch has been produced. Because of this, AbsoluteBlack will solely promote the product instantly. For a 14ml bottle solely, will probably be $ 15 / £ 12 / € 13, whereas the usual 140ml plus dimension can be $ 150 / £ 115 / € 130. For comparability, the Muc Off hydrodynamic lubricant featured of their check video prices £ 18 for the 50ml. For more adult toys check out dildos @

You possibly can study extra about AbsoluteBlack’s GRAPHENlube right here.

Slog PM: Metropolis can sweep Cal Anderson now; CDC Reduces Vaccine Allowances; A Moist, Moist Weekend – Slog Thu, 11 Mar 2021 05:08:46 +0000

The CDC gave no rationalization. Jeff Swensen / Getty Photographs

The TRO is refused: U.S. District Courtroom Decide Richard A. Jones positively refused the request for a brief restraining order to stop the town from sweeping Cal Anderson Park. In his choice, Jones targeted on the weak spot of complainant Ada Yaeger’s arguments. Yaeger, a homeless girl, argued that previous sweeps violated her First, Fourth and Fourteenth Modification rights. Jones didn’t see sufficient proof to help these claims. On the flip facet, he wrote that the town’s case was robust – that sweeping the park was a matter of public well being and security. Nonetheless, he added an apart that “the timing of the town is regrettable: cleansing up the park through the winter season throughout a pandemic.”


Scan can happen now: All eyes are on Cal Anderson. The town stated it will take “imminent” motion to comb the park. Does “imminent” imply in a single day? Tomorrow morning? Not clear.

In the meantime, protesters who occupied a vacant home held a press conventionYesterday afternoon, protesters occupied an deserted home simply northeast of Cal Anderson Park to name for a ‘housing first’ answer to homelessness. Their calls for embrace asking native companies to cancel a letter they despatched asking the town to do one thing concerning the park encampments and a boycott of those companies; for the town to accommodate all of the members of every camp talked about within the letter for your complete pandemic; a everlasting finish to all sweeps; and everlasting housing for all.

States throughout the nation are offended and confused with the CDC for an surprising announcement that their vaccine shipments to chop. Here is Inslee:

What a excessive pace of warp operation we now have right here.

In the meantime, Tucker Carlson is spreading vaccine misinformation: Superior. Thanks for nothing that sows worry and doubt across the vaccine, Tucker, you absolutely the dildo.

The current Russia-based hacks towards the USA are a “severe menace,” says a cybersecurity officer: Right here is AP on the “lengthy undetected” assault:

The hack compromised federal companies and “important infrastructure” in a classy assault that was tough to detect and might be tough to reverse, the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Safety Company stated in an uncommon warning message. The Division of Power admitted that it was amongst those that had been hacked.

The assault, if authorities can show it was carried out by Russia as consultants consider, creates a brand new overseas coverage downside for President Donald Trump in his final days in energy.

In response, Microsoft launched a classy counterattack: Geekwire known as “the pace, vary and scale” of its response “unprecedented. “Geekwire breaks down counterattacks with extra sophistication than I can right here, however Microsoft has accomplished a number of to take off and detect and very good and homicide. “We must always by no means confuse Microsoft’s softness with weak spot,” they conclude. I do not perceive half of what occurred right here, nevertheless it sounds badass.

Talking of Russia: The homeland won’t be allowed to “use its title, flag and anthem on the subsequent two Olympic Video games or at any world championship for 2 years”, Courtroom of Arbitration for Sport dominated Thursday. Ah, the implications of an alleged state-sponsored doping and falsification marketing campaign.

As well as, Putin has denied accusations that Russia poisoned opposition chief Alexei Navalny.: As a result of if Russia had needed “would have ‘completed’ the job,” Putin stated.

Joe Biden should cleanse the soul of this nation as deep and exhausting as this individual clear this carpet.

There may be nothing sexier than a riddle: Man filmed bare, rollerblading on I-670 in Columbus stays a thriller

A progressive victory: Biden-Harris administration ought to name on U.S. Democratic Consultant Deb Haaland from New Mexico to be the primary Native American secretary of the inside. It’s a nice victory for tribal and progressive activists who pressured the brand new administration to place an indigenous chief on the head of the division which oversees the Indian nation. The Inside Ministry manages a few fifth of the nation’s land.

One other atmospheric river is heading in the direction of us: The atmospheric fluvial phenomenon is my favourite climate phenomenon, up there with a polar vortex. The TL; DR is a “rain river” is working in the direction of Seattle. The darkest days of the 12 months will also be the wettest.

Ruh roh: Consultant Cedric Richmond has examined constructive for COVID-19. The Louisiana consultant is an in depth advisor to Joe Biden and attended a marketing campaign occasion in Georgia with him on Tuesday. Democratic Senate candidates Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock have been additionally current on the occasion. Richmond would have been not in shut contact with any of those males, and Biden examined destructive for COVID-19 on Thursday. Richmond was lately appointed Senior advisor to Biden and director of the White Home Workplace of Public Engagement.

Seattle Police have spent over $ 26 million on additional time this 12 months, reviews Daniel Beekman for the Seattle Occasions. Opposite to what they’d beforehand agreed, metropolis council on Monday accepted a finances enhance of $ 5.4 million for the division to offset additional time prices. To compensate for this, the Council intends to chop a further $ 5.4 million from its finances in January. Beekman’s article has some good graphics.

Seattle Group Policing Fee (CPC) stays pissed off with the Seattle Police Division: On the finish of October, the SPD introduced that it was rethink a few of its insurance policies round de-escalation. Any adjustments to those insurance policies should undergo the PPC and different police accountability our bodies, such because the Police Accountability Workplace and the Inspector Basic’s Workplace. The CPC made suggestions, however, as Paul Kiefer writes for PubliCola, “the SPD [recent] weblog put up made it clear that the ministry needed to take over public consciousness as an alternative of counting on the CCP. “Kiefer removes the present rigidity between the CCP and the SPD right here.

What are you doing tonight? Set your alarm for 7 p.m. and watch Essex Porter, Simone Del Rosario and The foreignerChase Burns (me) break the all 2020 with Invoice Radke for a particular 12 months in assessment on KUOW. It should air once more on the radio tomorrow through the common week in assessment at midday.

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Patriots’ Julian Edelman pleased for Buffalo due to Payments Mafia Thu, 11 Mar 2021 05:08:46 +0000

Nicely… who would have thought this one?

Longtime New England Patriots large receiver Julian Edelman, who has scored six instances, has 69 profession catches in opposition to them and is 14-2 general in his profession in opposition to the Payments… is battling for Buffalo on Championship Sunday?

That is clearly the case.

On Friday, Edelman appeared on the Barstool Sports activities Podcast Forgive my take and admitted simply that. His response can also be very actual. Regardless of mentioning center fingers and dildos, Edelman shoots for Buffalo due to Payments Mafia.

“I am excited for the payments,” Edelman stated. “I am tremendous excited for this crew, this metropolis. I imply, I have been there for a few years and their fan base is loopy. It is no matter everybody thinks it’s. It is without doubt one of the most wonderful locations to play. “

Edelman continued,

“I actually went to the sector and noticed a dildo being thrown on the bottom. It is unreal. Each time you go there and win they’ve probably the most artistic methods to knock you over that I’ve ever seen in my life. Of everybody, I speak about six-year-olds, grannies, mother and father, it is wonderful. Seeing them do nicely, I believe that is cool for the league.

One at Buffalo can most likely simply understand that his crew’s dominance over the Payments in his profession most likely makes it slightly simpler for him. However we’ll take it… Thanks, Jules.

In addition to discussing the Buffalo worshipers, Edelman additionally talked about one thing slightly extra private… Brian Daboll. Edelman defined that he and the Payments offensive coordinator beforehand received alongside nicely whereas on the Patriots teaching employees. Edelman additionally praised the Payments’ general dominance in assault.

“[Brian] Daboll over there and that teaching employees, he was with us for some time, and we had a superb relationship. I sat down and talked with [Cole] Beasley over time, simply brainstorming. See Josh Allen and the way he received to play and the addition of Diggs. I imply, Diggs was an absolute freak on this assault, and so they’re as much as one thing for him. They’ve a superb factor occurring. It could be fairly cool to see a crew like that proceed and do nicely, ”stated Edelman.

At the beginning of the offseason, the 34-year-old had a tricky 2020 season. In actual fact, he did not even get a prime spot to see the Payments play this season as a result of he missed each video games in opposition to Buffalo. Edelman suffered knee accidents all year long.

In the intervening time, it does not appear like Edelman can be retiring simply but, so he may have that firsthand look in 2021.

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Julian Edelman has a humorous response to watching Buffalo within the playoffs Thu, 11 Mar 2021 05:08:46 +0000

Of all of the New England Patriots within the 2020 season, Julian Edelman needed to take the hardest 12 months.

The broad who is understood for his depth and keenness for soccer missed 10 video games on account of a knee damage and, even when he was enjoying early within the season, it was clear that the damage was having an influence on his Recreation.

This season was the primary in Edelman’s profession the place the Patriots didn’t advance to the playoffs. He needed to watch his workforce from the sidelines as AFC East workforce rival the Buffalo Payments had a powerful season ending up within the convention championship recreation.

Friday, Edelman appeared on the Barstool Sports activities podcast Forgive my take, the place he was requested about his emotions watching Payments succeed within the playoffs.

“I am excited for the payments,” Edelman stated. “I am tremendous excited for this workforce, this metropolis. I imply, I have been there for a few years and their fan base is loopy. It is no matter everybody thinks it’s. It is among the most superb locations to play. “

The Payments are inside a Tremendous Bowl recreation for the primary time since 1994 when the workforce misplaced their fourth straight championship. These Payments are somewhat totally different from the groups we have seen over the previous 20 years as they’ve a reliable shot at successful the title.

Whereas the workforce could also be totally different, “Payments Mafia” continues to be as rowdy as ever.

“I actually went to the sphere and noticed a dildo being thrown on the bottom. It is unreal. Each time you go there and win they’ve essentially the most inventive methods to knock you over that I’ve ever seen in my life. Of everybody, I discuss six-year-olds, grannies, mother and father, it is superb. Seeing them do effectively, I believe that is cool for the league.

Edelman additionally confirmed some admiration for the way in which the Payments have been constructed and the expertise they’ve within the locker room.

“[Brian] Daboll over there and that teaching employees, he was with us for some time, and we had a great relationship. I sat down and talked with [Cole] Beasley through the years, simply brainstorming. See Josh Allen and the way he bought to play and the addition of Diggs. I imply, Diggs was an absolute freak on this assault, they usually’re as much as one thing for him. They’ve a great factor happening. It will be fairly cool to see a workforce like that proceed and do effectively.

The 34-year-old seems to be having fun with the rising competitors within the AFC East. And, if we all know him the way in which we expect he’s, he’ll do his greatest to carry the Patriots again into the division rivalry.

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Chaser, the border collie who may acknowledge greater than 1,000 phrases, has died Thu, 11 Mar 2021 05:08:46 +0000


Pilley Bianchi’s household canine ​​Chaser was clever. Actually good.

“I’ve a sense she was smarter than me. She was in a position to deal with and navigate her approach every day. She had us all wrapped round her paw,” Bianchi mentioned. Because it occurs visitor host Rosemary Barton.

“However what has earned its worldwide fame is [being] the canine who knew 1,000 phrases. “

To be precise, Chaser may acknowledge 1,022 particular person names. The black and white border collie, which made worldwide headlines as “the neatest canine on the earth, “died. She was 15 years outdated.

Chaser made worldwide headlines as “the world’s smartest canine”. (John Pilley)

Chaser was owned by Bianchi’s father, John W. Pilley, a retired psychology professor at Wofford School in Spartanburg, SC, who was fascinated by animal conduct. Pilley died final 12 months on the age of 89.

When Pilley had Chaser on the age of two months, he noticed an unbelievable scientific alternative in her.

“He firmly believed … that canines have been a lot smarter than the world believed. And he needed to find the boundaries of the canine thoughts,” Bianchi mentioned.

“In doing so, he selected the language as a result of it required a reminiscence system and it was needed to know that the phrases have an impartial which means. And if he may crack the code on it, then the floodgates would open. . “

Pilley started instructing Chaser to acknowledge language – one toy at a time.

“Any language, you want a vocabulary – so its vocabulary was going to be its toys,” Bianchi mentioned. “Every thing was enjoyable and performed out for her.”

Chaser and his 1,022 toys, which she all knew by title. (Robin Piley)

He would take a toy, repeat its title dozens of instances, then disguise it and ask Chaser to go get it.

It was gradual at first, however by the point Chaser was 5 months outdated, Bianchi mentioned she had “that ah-ha second” the place she lastly discovered that totally different toys had totally different names.

Over time, she has realized to acknowledge the names of 800 stuffed animals, 116 balls, 26 Frisbees and a mishmash of plastic toys.

Every had their very own distinctive title, courtesy of Pilley. There was Boomerang, Comeforth, Muscleman, Clodhopper, Groovy and Lamaze to call just a few.

“It was good as a result of she may bear in mind the names, however we could not. We needed to write them down,” Bianchi mentioned.

Pilley printed its ends in the journal Behavioral Processes in 2011.

“I used to be blown away. I imply, I knew what he was doing with it, however till the analysis was printed, I actually did not perceive the gravity,” Bianchi mentioned.

“His work is reproduced around the globe. We get letters from followers all around the world with them instructing their very own canine’s language. And it is thrilling. It is a complete new playground, no pun meant. “

‘Gosh, she was enjoyable’

However Chaser was greater than a science experiment. She was additionally a beloved household pet.

“Gosh, she was enjoyable,” Bianchi mentioned.

“She was actually entertaining to me as a result of after I introduced her to New York she loves buying and going to shops … all she will work together with individuals and transfer round their legs and below their ft. “

Pilley Bianchi and Chaser. (Submitted by Pilley Bianchi)

And regardless of being so properly educated within the language, she was really a free spirit at coronary heart.

“What lots of people do not find out about Chaser is that she’s not an obedient bitch,” Bianchi laughs.

“What my father needed to do was educate him an idea moderately than rote behaviors, which gave him a whole lot of leeway and freedom. And though she knew the obedience instructions, they actually did not apply to her for many of her life. “

However greater than something, she was loyal to Pilley – till the very finish.

“She wasn’t a fragile bitch, however, after we took her to a hospice … six days earlier than she handed away, she would come into his outstretched arms and she or he allowed herself, you realize, to be a darling,” Bianchi talked about.

“It was hours earlier than her dying that she planted herself firmly in entrance of his mattress, head bowed, shoulders sq., giving him that border collie eye and gave a really loud, sharp bark. And it gave us goosebumps as a result of we knew she wasn’t waving him to get up. She was saying goodbye to him. It was wonderful. “

Written by Sheena Goodyear. Produced by Morgan Passi.

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