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After relaunching his basketball career and playing a full year for the Los Angeles Lakers last season, 38-year-old Carmelo Anthony is again sadly absent from the NBA. The unemployed future Hall of Famer is set to end his basketball career, and he may have to do so overseas, particularly in Taiwan, where he has reportedly attracted interest from a team of professional basketball.

Melo in Taiwan?

According to Tainan TSG GhostHawks head coach Liu Meng-chu (劉孟竹), a deal is in the works to bring the 10-time NBA star to Southeast Asia to wrap up his decorative basketball career . While Anthony has yet to accept the opportunity, the negotiation process between his side and the TSG GhostHawks is progressing.

Tainan TSG GhostHawks head coach Liu Meng-chu said on Sunday that Taiwan Steel Group had given the go-ahead for the signing of a renowned foreign player, with an agreement for NBA free agent Carmelo Anthony already in preparation. At a pre-game press conference ahead of Sunday’s game against the Taoyuan Leopards, Liu said the GhostHawks have entered into talks with former Los Angeles Laker representatives Anthony,Huang Chiao-wen and James Lo reported for Focus Taiwan.

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The GhostHawks’ search for a high-profile addition follows the Leopards’ signing of former Anthony’s teammate Dwight Howard.

A significant or sad exit?

Anthony, who averaged 13.3 points, 4.2 rebounds and shot 37.5% from the 3-point line last season, has proven over the past two years that he’s still capable of contributing minutes significant. He was one of the few bright offensive points for the Lakers last season (admittedly, the barrier was low), as he can still be a reliable scorer on the post and perimeter, a spacer on the ground, and to some extent , a playmaker.

The level of play in the NBA is certainly higher than the T1 league (Taiwanese men’s professional basketball league), so it’s a good chance for Anthony to thrive and possibly end his successful career on a high. – similar to what Dwight Howard is doing right now. .

Sure, it would be nice to see Howard and Anthony get their flowers one last time in the NBA, but that’s the reality they face, and at the end of the day, it’s always remarkable to see these two former superstars make a effort to end their career on a high note.

If no NBA team wants Melo’s services, then at least he can shine one last time in Taiwan if he accepts the opportunity to play with the Tainan TSG GhostHawks.

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