Caribbean Basketball League set to return in late 2022 | Sports

Given the success of the summer E1 Caribbean Basketball League, PHASE 1 Academy CEO Wayne Dawkins said the competition should come back bigger and better with a fall competition.

“It (the summer league) was not our end goal. It was meant to be a concept where we can show local and overseas investors and sponsors the potential of professional basketball here,” Dawkins said.

The fall competition will be a six- to eight-week professional league that will run from October to December.

Dawkins said for the next league they are looking to involve more partners, artists and media as they also seek to integrate players into communities on the island.

“There is also a plan to expand outside of Jamaica, but to ensure that Jamaica remains the professional basketball hub for the English-speaking Caribbean, so that we can continue to find ways to improve as well. the other islands,” he said.

Dawkins credited his team for the success of the tournament, and they look forward to continuing to change lives as one of the main goals was to help people from struggling backgrounds in the region and the diaspora.

“I think (the contest) opened the doors because we now have investors and sponsors and people who now have the type of resources … to create this kind of empowerment for these young people (by) giving them the opportunity to earn money. do something they love, turn them into role models who can come back to communities and help others. I feel like we started this because half the teams are all homegrown players,” Dawkins said.

He also said that some athletes have already signed professional summer league contracts and that he expects more athletes to be signed in the fall.

Team Horizon’s Nicholai Brown, who was named the competition’s homegrown Most Valuable Player, is among the athletes hoping to soon benefit from a professional overseas contract.

“That sky is the limit for us (local players) and it can certainly help young people coming out of college with nothing else to do. We can go overseas from this league,” Brown said.

Jamaica Basketball Association (JBA) President Paulton Gordon also said the league was a success and could help improve basketball in Jamaica.

“We saw some of the areas where we were strong and some of the areas where we can improve,” he said.

As such, Gordon said the JBA plans to use this league to enhance the National Jamaica Basketball League.

“We’re going to meet with our committee about building this and how it can work,” he said.

Elite 1 Horizon emerged victorious in the competition while Team Storm was runners-up. Elite 1 Rivers and Team Waves finished third and fourth respectively.

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