British Basketball League launches Ambassador Program

– The campaign will target 1,000 schools and inspire 150,000 young people across the UK to get involved in sport in their local communities –

The British Basketball League today launched its Ambassadors Programme, which will see players and staff across the league promoting the importance of a healthy and active lifestyle to thousands of school children in local communities across across the UK.

The project was launched as part of BBL’s ‘Inspire’ initiative, where key members from each of the league’s 10 clubs will travel to schools in their local community to tell their story on their journey to becoming a professional athlete.

The focus will be on how participation in sports like basketball benefits young people’s physical health, but also how it positively influences their mental health. The sessions will also highlight the role of sport in solving various societal issues and how the next generation holds the power to be pioneers of social change.

Some of the key topics covered in the sessions will include; their personal career path, the importance of sport and education, and the benefits of being physically active. Maintaining good mental health will also be emphasized and players will discuss the importance of being respectful and understanding societal differences. Above all, club ambassadors will seek to inspire the next generation of young people within their respective communities.

Players from the BBL and WBBL (Women’s British Basketball League) will lead the sessions when they launch in their local communities later this month. Students will have the opportunity to ask players questions and learn more about what it takes to be a professional athlete on and off the court.

The campaign, which was funded and supported by Sports England in partnership with the basketball foundationwill see BBL and WBBL clubs visit more than 1,000 schools and deliver school assembly sessions to 150,000 students nationwide.

Basketball remains the third most played team sport across the country, with 1.2 million people picking up a basketball each week, 80% of whom are between the ages of 16 and 34. Basketball also continues to be at the heart of local communities with 900,000 young people under the age of 16 taking part every week, making it the second most popular sport among 14-16 year olds in the UK. Additionally, the BBL is one of the most culturally diverse leagues in world sport, with 70% of its players from ethnic minorities. However, with 13% of Britons (5.4million) who believe their ethnicity and/or culture are not represented by sporting icons today, the campaign aims to give students league role models who can inspire them to get involved and actively seek opportunities within the league. sports and education.

Speaking at the campaign launch, British Basketball League Chief Operating Officer Andy Webb said: “We are really proud to launch the Ambassador Program with the support of clubs participating in the BBL alongside their WBBL counterparts. I would like to thank Sport England, the Basketball Foundation and everyone in the league who have been involved in setting up this program which will benefit thousands of young people across the country.

He added: “Basketball in the UK has the power to inspire the next generation and our league is very fortunate to have so many role models that young people look up to and aspire to be. Our clubs are already doing a lot of work in their local communities to address a range of societal issues and we look forward to seeing the impact of the sessions as they begin to take place over the coming weeks.

Phil Smith of Sport England said: “It’s great to see this program launched. We all know the physical and mental benefits of being active and the value of being part of a team. We believe that athletes can inspire young people to love sport. It is vital that role models are representative of communities so that young people can see themselves reflected in the sport at all levels of the game. The BBL Ambassador program will help bridge this gap and inspire the next generation of young players”

After today’s launch, BBL Clubs will visit local schools and begin delivering inspiring and empowering sessions. To keep up to date and learn more, visit

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