Bradley Central Celebrates Rhyne Howard’s Basketball Career By Retiring His Jersey

Cleveland, TN – (WDEF-TV) Before Rhyne Howard started tearing up SEC basketball in Kentucky, she was tearing up high school basketball at Bradley Central. Howard is one of the best players to have passed through our region in recent years. Last Friday night, Bradley Central honored his outstanding career by retiring his number 23 jersey.

Howard said, “It’s just super fun to be back and be with everyone who loves me.”

Rhyne Howard certainly gave Bradley Central fans a lot to love during her spectacular high school career. Only suitable, she has her jersey number hanging from the rafters.

Bradley Central head coach Jason Reuter said: “I’ve said it many, many times. She’s the best I’ve ever trained, but I wouldn’t dare say she’s the best Bearette ever because there are too many great ones, and that would be unfair. There are many great ones. The Lord has blessed me with his coming to Bradley Central. I owe Rhyne Howard more than she owes me.

Yes, it’s a blessing for a coach to have someone on his team like Howard, who in his only senior year scored 758 points. Howard hasn’t slowed down either since leaving her high school alma mata.

Said Reuter: “What she did at the University of Kentucky was phenomenal. Consecutive SEC Player of the Year. Is in contention for the third time. It’s just. She could very well be the first pick in the WNBA draft. It’s almost like you know. What else can you do.”

Don’t ask me. As Coach Reuter said, Howard is essentially a lock for the upcoming WNBA Draft.

Said Howard: “You know, I think about it a little bit, but I have to focus on where I am now and what we’re doing as a team in Kentucky, so I’m not letting him fuss a lot.”

Reporter: “What do you want from this season for you in Kentucky this year?”

Howard said, “Championships. Rings. You know all the sha-bang. Being able to lead my team to great things.

Retiring your jersey is a tremendous accomplishment, but the cheers of support from your hometown are equally impressive.

Howard said, “Like that was really cool because I didn’t talk much when I was in high school, so for me to have such a huge impact on teachers, parents, and even little kids. It’s just great because they have someone to look up to or someone who puts Cleveland on the map.

Said Reuter: “Really, I’m more proud of having gotten to know Rhyne Howard as a person. She’s just a really special young woman.

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