Boy Scouts across West Michigan honor those lost on 9/11

WEST MICHIGAN – In the early hours of the morning, scouts from across western Michigan gathered outside the Presidential Gerald R. Ford Museum on Saturday to pay their respects.

“(We have come) to remember those who lost their lives and the people they left behind,” said Paul Flessner, Scout Leader of Troop 354.

They took the time to commemorate the nearly 3,000 lives lost in the 9/11 terrorist attacks, saluting from sunrise to sunset, helping to change flags and ringing the bells of those involved.

It’s a tradition that takes place every year.

“It’s really important to remember the sacrifice of the men and women of 9/11, especially for the younger generation as well,” said Jen, the Cubmaster of Pack 3004.

The boys and girls who attended were too young to experience the tragedies that day, but their troop leaders wanted to do what they could to make their age group understand that it was important.

“I remember I was in college,” Jen said. “It seems a lot longer than that, but the impact has been huge and for this generation to be able to live the memory of it and keep it relevant. For generations to come I think it’s extremely important to honor them.

The Michigan Crossroads Council has also hosted events in Muskegon and Traverse City.

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