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    Joe Johnson picked up where he left off on the opening weekend of the 2022 BIG3 season. And that shouldn’t have surprised anyone.

    “Iso Joe” dominated the 3-on-3 basketball league founded by Ice Cube in its first two seasons in 2019 and 2021, leading the Triplets to the championship in the first and being named MVP BIG3 both years. Now he’s off to a strong start for 2022.

    Last weekend, Johnson scored 30 points and propelled the Triplets to a season-opening 51-45 win over defending BIG3 champions Trilogy. On Saturday, Johnson will lead the Triplets against the Aliens, who also started the campaign with a win.

    It’s one of three BIG3 games taking place Saturday at the Credit Union 1 Arena in Chicago, which will then be followed by three more on Sunday.

    Here’s a look at the full Week 2 BIG3 roster, along with predictions for several top players for this weekend.

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    Saturday, June 25 (starts at 1 p.m. ET)
    Game 1: Tri State (0-1) vs. 3’s Company (1-0)
    Match 2: Triplets (1-0) against Aliens (1-0)
    Match 3: Ghost Ballers (1-0) vs. Ball Hogs (0-1)

    Sunday, June 26 (starts at 3 p.m. ET)
    Game 1: 3-Headed Monsters (0-1) vs Power (1-0)
    Match 2: Enemies (0-1) against Bivouac (0-1)
    Match 3: Killers 3s (1-0) vs. Trilogy (0-1)

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    Johnson’s 30 points in the Triplets’ season opener was the most by a player in the first weekend of the season. And he did it even though he wasn’t having one of his best long-range shooting days.

    In the win over Trilogy, Johnson went 5 for 17 on shots outside the paint. However, he shot 7-8 near the basket. Among those seven baskets scored in the paint was the game-winning shot. Johnson also had eight rebounds – only two BIG3 players had more in opening weekend.

    So what does Johnson have in store for Week 2? It’s likely to be more or less the same, except there’s a good chance he’ll land his jump shot. The Triplets will need him to lead the way against the Aliens, who started the season with an impressive 52-44 victory over the Enemies.

    The Aliens may be a solid team, but they won’t have an answer for Johnson (like few BIG3 teams do). Expect another great performance from Johnson to lead the Triplets to a 2-0 start.

    Prediction: Johnson has 31 points and six rebounds

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    Green wasted no time making an impact in his first BIG3 campaign. The Bivouac captain had a league-high 26 points and nine rebounds, although his team lost 50-47 to 3’s Company in its first game of the season.

    Still, it was an impressive performance from the 36-year-old Green, who has already played 12 seasons in the NBA. He also had four three-pointers, tied with three other players for the most in the BIG3 last weekend.

    This week, Bivouac face the Enemies, who also lost their first game of the season. This could therefore be the opportunity for Bivouac to bounce back and score its first victory of 2022.

    Green should do his part, as it’s clear he was the right choice to serve as Bivouac’s captain this season. He will likely have another big scorer to help lead the team to victory on Sunday.

    Prediction: Green totals 28 points, makes three 3 points

4 out of 4

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    Green wasn’t the only impressive BIG3 rookie to feature in the season opener between Bivouac and 3’s Company. There was also Michael Beasley, who made his league debut as co-captain of 3’s Company.

    Not only did Beasley help lead Company 3 to victory, but he put on quite a show. The 33-year-old scored 26 points (tied with Green for third in the league) and was the only BIG3 player to score two four-pointers in the opening weekend.

    It seemed like Beasley’s skill set would suit this style of play perfectly, and it turned out to be the case. Playing alongside former Miami Heat teammate Mario Chalmers (who had 10 points, six rebounds and five assists in Game 1), Beasley looks set for a big year with 3’s Company.

    That should continue this week when Company 3 takes on Tri State on Saturday. Don’t be surprised if Beasley builds on his debut and continues to go from strength to strength as the season progresses.

    Prediction: Beasley scores 28 points, hits another four

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