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BER versus HBT Dream11: The basketball scene is heating up again as September-October once again means the return of the major leagues. Granted, hardcore basketball fans, especially in the men’s category, have been left with a long vacuum for about three months, but the last quarter of the year is going to end with a bang. As we look to this term, the German Basketball League will also crop up and in this game Alba Berlin will face the Homburg Towers

Returning with much the same core, Alba Berlin rocked the boat a lot and found themselves champions after beating a loaded Bayern side in four games. On the other hand, Hamburg’s towers saw their campaign taken down in the quarter-finals, where they lost to Bonn in three straight games. Will it be a much better season for the Tours

Host: ALBA Berlin
Visitors: Hamburg Tours
Timing of matches: June 28, @ 22:30 (+05:30 UTC)
Venue: Berlin Mercedes-Benz Arena

BER vs HBT Dream11 GBL Screenings, Statistics and Analysis

Berlin’s guard position is tasked with the combination of Tamir Blatt and Maodo Lo, both capable goalscorers and playmakers. Jaleen Smith is also a handful in what is a stacked backcourt while Luke Sikma and Johannes Thiemann are experienced frontline players. Having Marcus Errikson and Ben Lammers is an added blessing as Berlin seeks to ascend the throne again; they surely have the unity to do so.

For Hamburg, having Kendale McCullum helps facilitate the ball at sole guard while Seth Hinrichs is a complete role player for sure. Signing Yeoli Childs provides much-needed size in the middle while Ziga Samar is a welcome addition to the squad. Jonas Wohlfarth-Bottermann will strengthen the front line, while Len Schoormann will have to take another step as a player. What can Jordan Woodward and Lukas Meisner bring in the long term?

Alba Berlin vs Hamburg Towers GBL live stream, team news and rosters

Composition of Alba Berlin:

Departures expected from Berlin
C: Johannes Thiemann
PF: Luke Sikma
SF: Louis Olinde
SG: Jaleen Smith
PG: Tamir Blatt

BENCH: Maodo Lo, Gabriela Procida, Ben Lammers, Yannick Wetzell, Marcus Erikkson.

List of Hamburg towers:

Debutants expected in Hamburg
C: Yeoli Childs
PF: Lukas Meisner
SF: Seth Hinrichs
SG: Len Schoormann
PG: Kendale McCullum

BENCH: Ziga Samar, James Woodard, Jonas Wohlfarth-Bottermann, Christoph Phillips.

German Basketball League Scores, Top Fantasy Basketball Picks

Kendale McCullum (HBT)
Kendale was shrinking and scoring high last season. What debut will he have here. I expect a range of 10-16 points, 6-9 assists. It can be chosen as Star/Pro Player in Dream11 Prediction stage.

Maodo Lo (BER)
Maodo continues to be a long-term, transient threat. I expect him to be 10-16 points and 5-7 assists here.

Yeoli Childs (HBT)
Although Childs is a proven rebounder at the professional level, his scoring hasn’t quite been there. I expect him to be 6-10 points and 6-9 rebounds.

Tamir Blatt(BER)
Blatt’s ball handling will again be key for Berlin and he will be able to score from time to time. I expect him to be 10-14 points and 4-6 assists.

Seth Hinrichs (HBT)
Hinrichs provides solid rebounds with occasional points. I expect him to be 6-10 points and 5-8 rebounds.

Johannes Thiemann(BER)
Thiemann always provides solid minutes. I think he’ll be 7-11 points and 4-7 rebounds.

Lukas Meisner (HBT)
Lukas can do a good job of filling the lanes, thus being a solid contributor. I expect a range of 6 to 10 points.

Jaleen Smith (BER)
Jaleen was a big goalscorer last season for Berlin, with no hesitation when shooting. I expect him to be in the 9-13 point range here.

Ziga Samar(HBT)
Ziga can provide a solid backup role for Kendale McCullum. I expect a range of 7-11 points and 4-6 assists here.

Luke Sikma(BER)
Luke is an experienced campaigner at this point and a solid actor. I expect him to be 6-10 points and 4-6 rebounds.

James Woodard (HBT)
James can warm up on the scoring side, ending the final playoffs on a high. I expect a range of 11 to 15 points here.

Marcus Erikson(BER)
Marcus was a 10+ PPG scorer for Berlin for three consecutive seasons. I expect a range of 10 to 14 points here.

Jonas Wohlfarth-Bottermann (HBT)
Jonas doesn’t feature great stats but provides menacing size. I’m expecting a range of 4-6 points and 3-5 rebounds here.

Ben Lammers(BER)
Lammers secured a solid substitute role for Berlin last season.

BER vs. HBT Dream 11 range

PG: MLo(PP), J Smith, T BlattK McCullum (ES)
SG: M Eriksson
SF: S Hinrichs
PF: L Sikma
C:Y Childs

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