AJ Bramah picked the first draft of the 2022 National Basketball League

Santo Domingo.- AJ Bramah was first selected by the San Francisco de Macorís Indians in the 2022 National Basketball Association (LNB) Rookie Draft, held at the Blue Mall’s Hard Rock Café on Wednesday.

Brama is a 6’7 forward who played in the NCAA with Robert Morris and Nevada universities, averaging 15.0, 8.6 rebounds and 54.5% from the field in three seasons (49 games) .

“We are more than satisfied. His position is the one we aspire to strengthen and with him we will be even better. We got closer to him and our fans can count on AJ from day one,” said Louis Izmurdock, general manager of the Franco-Macorisanos team.

The second chosen was striker Alanzo Frink (6’7), chosen by Realis de la Vega. Frink is a forward who recently completed his fourth year in the NCAA with the East Carolinas and was on the national team in the minor divisions.

The Puerto Plata Mariners then selected forward Justin Minaya (6’6), son of baseball executive Omar Minaya. Justin finished his college football career with Providence, averaging 6.5 points and 5.5 rebounds in 32 games.

The fourth choice was in the hands of Indus (via Soles de Santo Domingo Este), who chose force forward Juan Junior Rosario, from Cotoi.

Santiago Metro also made two first-round selections. They took shooter Luis Almanza with the fifth pick and then goaltender Juan Felix Rodriguez with the seventh. Prayutin Savignon Ramirez was named the sixth pick of the first round by Cañeros del Este, while current champion Leon de Santo Domingo concluded with point guard Jason Rivera.

table of honour

At the main table were Antonio Mer, President of the LNB, Rafael Uribe, President of the Dominican Basketball Association (Vedumbal) and Alberto Rodriguez, Vice Minister of the Presidency of the Dominican Republic. Evaristo Perez, immortal of Dominican sports, was also in the repechage.

titan exchange meter

In the draw, the LNB agreed to a change where the National Zone Titans received shooter Nehemias Morillo from Metros, in exchange for Jhery Matos and the seventh pick in the first round, which turned out to be Rodríguez.

The season will start next Wednesday, May 25.

Summary of the draft:

first round

Indians: Aaj Brahma

Royals: Enzo Franck

sailors: Justin Minaya

Indians: Juan Junior Rosario (via Soles)

metre: Louis Almenca

rod holders: Ramirez’s protein

metre: Juan Felix Rodriguez (via Titans)

black: Jason Rivera

second turn

Royals: jonathan belle

sailors: Carlos Carille

suns: Jose Alberto Liriano

metre: Jean Carlo Hisiano

rod holders: Nathaniel Bonet

Titans: Louis Said

black: Diego Colon

Indians: Kevin Nunez

third round

sailors: Radell Deusel Uluwa

suns: Joshua Salazar

metre: Emmanuel Lapata

rod holders: John Batiste

Titans: Jean Carlos Quezada

black: Dimas Carrasco

Indians: Will Martinez

Royals: Emanuel Cruz

Fourth round

suns: Yvry Bayano

metre: Jeffrey Arias

rod holders: Luis Domingo del Orbe

Titans: Hells Hidalgo

black: Olivier Baptist

Indians: Richard Ortega Almanzar

Royals: Kelvin Ramirez

sailors: Danny Santana

5th round

rod holders: Jaduhkiss Soto

Titans: Randy Bautista

black: Sebastien Saez

Indians: Inferi Acevedo

Royals: Juan Manuel Valenzuela

suns: Carlos Rodriguez

Sixth round

black: Christopher Donor

Indians: West Bria

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