After three years, the Canadian Elite Basketball League has more teams than the CFL

Achievements of the CEBL

It was three years ago that the CEBL opened its doors as a six-team company. In its first year, the league felt it could add a seventh club, in Ottawa. Then came Covid-19. It could have wiped out the new business, had it not been for commissioner and former CFL catcher Mike Morreale. In the summer of 2020, Morreale hosted a two-week contest in St. Catharines, Ontario for the CEBL to crown a champion. Thanks to the resulting boost from this championship run, in 2021 CEBL once again had a full and regular schedule.

In 2022, the CEBL added the Montreal Alliance, the Scarborough Shooting Stars and the Newfoundland Growlers. Just like that

The league continues to grow. After adding clubs in Toronto, Montreal and St. John’s, CEBL locations are now spread out from Langley, BC, east of the country. So now you can really call it a national league. In fact, there are now 10 teams, making CEBL the largest professional sports league in Canada. That’s more teams based in Canada than the NHL (7), NBA (1) and MLB (1) combined! It also makes the league bigger than the CFL.

The Scarborough (Toronto) Shooting Stars included a rap celebrity. J. Cole (Jermaine Cole) has signed a contract with Scarborough, with former local NBA star Jamaal Magloire as an executive. With J. Cole, there is a trick to signing a 37-year-old player with insignificant experience consisting of three rounds last year in Rwanda. He is also uncertain about his availability, as the entertainer has tour dates beginning June 10 – just five games into the season. But his acquisition has already attracted a lot of media attention. You can find out more about players and teams in different types of sports and place bets on them online at follow the link to learn more about the bonuses.

The CEBL has lost its Michael Jordan. Three years in a row, Xavier Moon has won the CEBL Player of the Year award. The American guard (now with the LA Clippers) has also led Edmonton to the title the past two seasons and accepted Finals MVP honors. He is one of the CEBL players who joined the NBA last season while struggling with COVID-related issues. Another is Lindell Wigginton, Canada’s Player of 2021, who joined the Milwaukee Bucks after leaving Hamilton. While losing such stars is sad, ultimately it could have a positive effect on the CEBL as it proves to players and fans that the league can serve as a gateway to the NBA.

A new moon may rise. Since the departure of their celebrity, Edmonton can rely more on forward Jordan Baker, winner of the 2020 Canadian Player of the Year award, who averaged 14.9 points and 9.4 rebounds last season. Kadre Gray is another powerhouse Canadian, previously a Laurentian U Sports star who averaged 15.3 points and 4.6 assists for Ottawa last year and is now part of the Fraser Valley Bandits. Guelph’s Cat Barber can take control of the title, an American guard who averaged 17.6 points last season before getting a short break with the Atlanta Hawks.

The Elam ending is still a thing. For years, basketball geeks have told the NBA to embrace this inspiring way to end games. This removes the irritating custom of the losing team deliberately committing a foul when the match comes to an end. The NBA tried it successfully in 2020 in their All-Star Game, but they didn’t have the guts to try it in any major games. The CEBL has been doing this since 2020.

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