10 Devon’s 50 Troop Make Eagle Scout including the first girl

DEVON, PA – A pandemic has posed challenges for Boy Scouts as they worked to achieve Eagle rank over the past year, but 10 Devon Troop 50 Scouts will be named Eagle Scouts next week, and the Devon 50 Girls Troop will recognize his first female Eagle Scout.

Devon Troop 50 will be holding Eagle Court of Honor on June 12 from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. at Camp Jarvis in Devon.

Three of the 10 new Eagles spoke to Patch about their plans and some of the challenges they faced in trying to serve communities that were in lockdown and distancing mode.

Luke Taylor planned a project to install a dog walking trail and recreation area for Brandywine Valley SPCA, where he adopted his dog Chewy. He has led more than 50 volunteers in the design and preparation of the 1,600 square feet that make up the trail. The group spent 325 combined service hours cleaning the area and preparing it for use.

But the project stalled in early 2020. “March 28, 2020 was supposed to be the start date,” Taylor said. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, this has been delayed until August. “The restrictions dragged him out,” he said.

As communities closed, it was difficult to find help when needed. “The logging business didn’t show up three days in a row,” Taylor said. Once the work started, new ideas arose. The team took trees and turned them into benches along the trails.

Jacob Lavin found a solution to a problem on the Waterloo Mills Preserve hiking trail. Whenever it rained, the section of the trail would turn into a mud pit, he explained.

“My job was to raise it a few inches so hikers could get over it,” Lavin said. One of his main challenges was the weather. While working in December 2019, it was too cold for his second shipment of stone to be delivered. Then it rained.

“But – the rain has worked in our favor,” he said. He explained that the rain made everything softer. Leading the project involved managing costs, orders and planning. He said his mother, Michelle Lavin, had helped him with the paperwork that goes with any big project.

Michelle Lavin said: “They all preserved and remained engaged.”

Julian Lu’s project collected disused and unused musical instruments for reuse by Musicopia in Philadelphia. His goal at the start of the project was 100 instruments, but he has collected over 300 from donors in five states – Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, New York and Virginia.

Musicopia said it was the biggest donation they had ever received, Lu reported. The association had to secure additional storage space for the instruments.

Working in the fall of 2020, Lu had to organize contactless drop-off and delivery locations for the instruments. The volunteers gave 717 hours of service, he said.

Lu’s mother, Pam Erbe, said: “They went the extra mile. The community is what made Julian’s project. He always gets calls with donations, there are still people sending messages. . “

Julian completed his project and reached his Eagle rank in March. He and the others will be recognized by the Court of Honor on June 12 along with the other 50 Devon Eagles.

Paige Cutler is one of the first female Scouts to achieve the rank of eagle nationally. the Eagle Scout Women Inaugural Class was announced by the Boy Scouts of America for accreditation in February 2021, after the admission of the girl troops in 2019.

Culter, one of the few contenders for the honor of being the first woman to make the Devon 50 Eagle Rankings since the Boy Scouts of American admitted the Girl Troops two years ago. The “G” in Troop Devon 50G designates it as the girl troop that is part of the Devon 50, explained Boy Scout Leader Bob Tickner.

To earn Eagle rank, Tickner explained, a scout must show leadership. He said Paige has been leading the Devon 50 Girls Troop since June 2019, planning camps and service activities, hosting meetings, leading the 13 members of Devon 50G. She was also a member of the Conestoga Dive Team and Color Guard.

Devon 50 has recognized 394 Eagle Scouts since its founding in 1927. Michelle Lavin said that although membership numbers have slowed down a bit during the pandemic, many new Scouts are arriving and Devon 50 membership numbers are 100.

The Devon 50 Scouts who will be named Eagle Scouts at the Court of Honor, listed in the order in which they created Eagle in the Troop, since its founding, are:

386 – Matthew Palomo

387 – Takshil Chituluru

388 – Sungchan Cho

389 – Zach Munch

390 – Kevin Connell

391 – Julien Lu

392 – Luke Taylor’s Storm

393 – Jacob Lavine

394 – Ethan Huang

Devon 50G:

1 – Paige Coutelier

The Devon 50 Scout Master is Jeff Ford and its committee chairman is Bill Kline.

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