Do you know what the extra benefits you can get with cancer insurance?

Do you know what the extra benefits you can get with cancer insurance?

Today, although the culture of prevention is still low in Peru, more and more people are choosing to protect their families and themselves with cancer insurance. Cancer is the second most common cause of death in Peru, so making this decision is more than important to protect the future of your family.

The cancer insurance has an annual cost that in most cases, is divided into monthly installments, but in addition to the coverage of expenses in case of diagnosing any type of cancer, there are some additional benefits for which you can ask:

Preventive checkups

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It is something granted by all insurances, since the purpose is to detect the disease as soon as possible and start treatment. That is why every year you have access to preventive checkups that are important to attend. How to know if the cancer insurance I want is ideal for me? Cancer insurance with or without a copayment? How does it work and what is best for me? Cancer insurance: One of the key factors to win the battle against cancer This is what you will pay for a cancer treatment, according to your profile The 3 most common excuses for not acquiring cancer insurance.

Treatments abroad. Some policies give you the possibility of choosing to receive the treatment abroad and it will be the insurance that will cover the expenses. However, the exclusions include that accommodation and other per diem expenses are not covered.

Reconstructive surgeries

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It is an element that some policies consider, especially in the case of breast cancer, since they grant the possibility of performing a reconstructive surgery covered by insurance.

Access to these benefits and others will depend on the insurance you choose, so before making a decision it is important that you take a moment to compare the different options that are presented in the market. For that, you can use Mr. Avoeys cancer insurance comparator and request the one that best suits your needs.


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