After all, is it worth making home equity loan?

After all, is it worth making home equity loan?

Taking out a secured home loan is an option for those who have difficulty getting reasonable interest credit. It is not enough to just offer your home: you must also be the clean name and have your registration approved. But the modality is a good option as it decreases the costs of the operation.

To learn more about how this type of loan works and understand its advantages and risks, follow today's post! We gathered all the answers to these questions!


How does the secured loan work?

How does the secured loan work?

When you take out a loan, the bank (or financial) looks for guarantees that you will honor your commitment and repay the installments on time. Anyone who owns a property can offer it as a form of security, provided that the institution has this credit option.

The asset is tied to the bank in chattel mortgage. Your document contains a note that prevents that property from being transferred to another owner. After the credit operation is settled, this observation is withdrawn and the asset is available to the owner again.

In the normal operations of real estate financing This already happens by default. But there are also refinancing options, where you offer a good repayment as security for a new loan.


What are the advantages and risks of this type of credit?

credit risks

The main advantage of secured home loan is the reduction in interest rate. No one wants to lose something they have already achieved, right? Therefore, it is natural that this type of credit has less possibility of default.

Thus, while personal loan interest (unsecured) may 900% per year, real estate financing does not reach 20%. It's a stark difference, isn't it?

On the other hand, you cannot negotiate the good for the entire duration of the loan. That is, you can not exchange or sell your property, if there is any need to do so.


What is the care of who gives your property as collateral?


As everything has two sides, if you take out a secured home loan, you must be extra careful. Of course the right thing is to pay all the debts assumed: thus the customer always has credit in the square and gets the best possible conditions.

Now, in order not to lose the good you have achieved, it is worth taking special precautions. For example:


Plan yourself financially

Planners are less susceptible to financial unforeseen events. To avoid experiencing difficulties due to medical emergencies or job loss, for example, have a security reserve. It will help you keep your balance as things return to their place.

Make a household budget for each month, calculating how much you can spend on household and leisure bills, for example, without compromising your entire income. The focus is always on getting away from impulse consumption and keeping finances on a tight rein!


Avoid taking on new debt

During the payment period, try not to commit to new debt. You can calculate everything at the tip of the pencil and make sure you can pay all the bills, but have you ever wondered if something happens? On a tight budget, any slip can put everything to lose.


Pay the installments on time

Payment of tuition should be your highest priority. Once you receive your income, start paying off the next installments to be due. Each bank has its credit policy: with a certain number of outstanding installments, the debt can now be forfeited and your property taken over.

Therefore, do not pay any installments after the due date. So you always have credit available and you can renew your secured loan when you need it!

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